4 Fashion Trends Every Man Should Look Into This Summer

To a lot of men, fashion can be one of the most important aspects of their daily life. Clothes can be a way to express oneself and showcase a uniquified personality. They can be a way to stand out and look more sophisticated or make you look prepared for any situation. A good outfit can even serve as a great confidence boost. Clothes and fashion are always important to a lot of people, but they become increasingly important in the summertime.

People are out and about more, giving a greater reason to look put together and trendy. But putting a fit together in the summer can be difficult, especially when the trends are constantly shifting every single year. Fortunately, certain trends for this summer are already starting to develop that can help elevate any man’s summer wardrobe.

5-Inch Inseam Shorts
These shorts are not new to the trends, as they have been gaining traction in the casual fashion world for the past couple of years. But when paired with the right other items, these shorts can work really well for a casual summer fit. It’s time to ditch the baggy basketball shorts that many have come to love and upgrade to these shorter options. These 5-inch shorts can be found in golf shorts, cargo shorts, or even as cutoff versions of sweatpants, frequently referred to as “sweatshorts.” These sweatshirts are extremely comfortable and can be worn to exercise in, lunge around in, or even be elevated to create a stylish outfit. One thing to add to this would be a simple men’s jockstraps for underneath your cool new shorts.

No More “No-Show” Socks
No-show socks, a fashion trend that took over in past summers, should be making their way out of any man’s closet. With the exposing of more leg with shorter shorts, it’s time to start covering up the ankles once again. Tall white socks with white converse or skater shoes are becoming the new trend. Though socks are a small part of one’s daily apparel, tall plain socks are starting to take over once again. These options add a little bit more depth to an outfit without taking away from the remainder of the outfit. They are also a cheap accessory that are extremely versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

Another accessory that is gaining popularity in men’s fashion are stylish rings. These rings can be as gaudy or simple as one like, but these rings can be seen on male fashion icons across the world. Rings are a great way for someone to physically express themselves through fashion, as rings are a great way to convey some sort of meaning or story. Metal, rubber, or even plastic rings that are very stylish can be found for cheap across the internet and in many stores. Many sites like Etsy will also sell homemade rings, allowing men to support small business owners or personal pop-up shops instead of big corporations.

Add Necklaces and Chains
Most of the time, these do not have to be noticeably big or flashy. Often, a simple, small, thin chain will look better with an outfit then a big gaudy Cuban link. Pair a simple gold or silver chain with a slightly unbuttoned shirt for a simple chic look or let the necklace rest under a t-shirt for another laid back, day-to-day vibe.

The most important aspect of having a solid summer outfit is to have confidence in yourself and what you’re wearing. If you think what you’re wearing is cool, others will too. Confidence, when paired with the items listed above, will give you strong outfits and style to impress your friends, family, and random passerby’s all summer long.