4 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon to conduct your procedure, you’re likely to be flooded with several results from your search. Whether they’re local or beyond your own hometown, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the results of not knowing where to start. 

You want to make sure you get the right results for you and ensure you’re safe throughout the procedure. This will conjure up several questions that you might be considering before you go ahead with your surgery. How do you know which surgeon is right for you? This article will run you through what you need to consider before you go ahead with your procedure. 


Ensure they have a board certification

A surgeon having a board certification indicates that the surgeon is well trained and qualified to a high standard in order to conduct your procedure. During their certification, surgeons will go through rigorous training to ensure they have the expertise to conduct surgery. 

They’ll go through medical school and take up the relevant education in order to progress and gain their board certification. This will include oral and written exams to showcase their skills and knowledge of the subject in question.

By acquiring a board certification, the surgeon confirms they have the right skills in order to conduct your surgery.


Look for additional training examples

Cosmetic surgery is an industry that is constantly evolving, developing new technologies and advancing techniques. For surgeons that are looking to update and improve their skills, they’re more likely to be skilled in procedures and provide better aesthetically pleasing results.To see whether surgeons have additional qualifications, look over their website or ask for their qualification confirmation up front. Their can be a list of examples to outline patients’ advanced training including:

  • Training qualifications on their CV
  • Society memberships for cosmetic surgeries
  • Encouraged involvement in procedural education


Determine whether they specialise in a specific type of surgery

Some cosmetic surgeons prefer to specialise in specific types of surgery, even when they are qualified for more generic procedures. It’s important that you check in on what speciality your surgeon has as some may have better experience than others with particular procedures. For example, if a surgeon has speciality with rhinoplasty and facial procedures, you wouldn’t want to book them for a breast reduction surgery.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your surgeon requires a speciality in order to perform your procedure. In fact, there are several surgeons who are highly talented in performing several types of surgery and this could be beneficial if you’re looking to have a combination of procedures. Still, make it essential that you choose a surgeon who has performed your chosen procedure regularly.


Review surgeons before and after photos

Most patients love to know what the results of their cosmetic surgery could potentially look like. Looking at surgeon’s before and after photos provides a good indication of the skill of the surgeon and how your potential results could look.

When you’re examining photos, try to look into patient results that have a similar body type and figure to you, are of a similar age and skin type. They won’t be a true indicator of your exact results, but they may attract you to the particular surgeon and what they can offer. 


Finding the right cosmetic surgeon for you

To summarise, the cosmetic surgeon that you choose should depend on the following criteria:

– Skill

– Qualifications

– Reputation

– Experience

– Accreditation

– Safety Standards

– Their team

The best way to find a surgeon is to look for those on official boards or who are well regarded in the industry. This should help to narrow down your search to help you find the best surgeon for your needs.