4 Essentials for Construction Crew Work

Working in construction can be a lucrative career choice, and it can be ideal for those who can’t stand the thought of office work. You will develop specialist skills in this line of work, be contributing to the creation of new buildings for multiple purposes, and work with various teams on different projects. You may even choose to work your way up the career ladder and look at becoming a project manager, or even starting a business yourself. Wherever your construction career takes you, all crew members need to have the following for their job.

1.    Health and Safety Training

Health and safety are important in any role, but when you’re working in an environment that poses a lot of risks, it’s even more essential that you are aware of the correct safety procedures on-site. You must complete the necessary health and safety training before you start working on these sites so that you can keep yourself and your fellow crew members safe. This will include things like how to use power tools properly, risk assessments, keeping the site clear from hazards, how to lift things correctly, etc. You can find out more about construction safety training here.

2.    The Right PPE

There should be PPE provided on-site, but a lot of construction crew members will have personal PPE that they take with them to work, particularly if they are working as freelance contractors. Some of the key items your will need in your PPE collection include a hard hat, high-viz jackets, work gloves, and a pair of sturdy work boots. If you tend to wear wide-fit shoes, here are some wide fitting safety footwear options for you to look at.

3.    The Right Tools

You should also think about investing in some quality tools that you can take with you to work as well. Some of the more industrious tools will be provided by the project management team to use on sites, but your basic tools like electric drills, sanders, saws, spirit-levels, a collection of screws, drill heads, etc., can all be items you can take with you to your jobs as a member of the construction crew. Even if you don’t use them every day, having them as spares in your car can be useful.

4.    Mode of Transportation

You might find that using public transportation is possible for some jobs, but it will be far more beneficial to have a personal mode of transportation if you want to work in construction. Having a van or car can mean that you can travel to worksites that might be out of the city or in more isolated areas. It will also allow you to transport things like your tools or other equipment to and from the site as you need it, or run errands if requested by your product manager.

If you want to work as a construction crew member, consider this list of essentials and make sure that you have all of these in place to make your work safe and easy.