4 Effective ways to generate more video content

You find it all around the internet that video content is the most premium type of content. In this advanced age, a business can’t make it in a competitive environment without a brand video. 

The primary purpose of the huge importance of video content is a direct result of the limited attention period of customers because of a great deal of competition in the advertisement space. 

One of the reasons for this is because the same customer is being targeted by a lot of different ads and he is seeing hundreds of ads daily than what is special with your product that he should buy from you instead of other businesses?

That is the place video content comes in. With video, you can pass on a mind-boggling message to your customers with engaging videos and without taking much of their time.

That is one reason video has been the best substance for commercial and marking of a business. 

I have regularly observed organizations battling with “Where would I be able to get a video for my business? Do I need to enlist a production team?” 

The response to that question is No! 

You are not creating a film. You simply need a video for your business. You can do this in a financially savvy way as well. 

I have recorded a few sources from where you can get a video for your business 


Biteable is an online video editing manager and animation maker that you can use for your business for making proficient and premium looking videos. 

Biteable is my preferred online video promoting tool on account of its oversimplified UI and it very well may be utilized by even total beginners. 

You can utilize premade layouts that are exceptionally excellent. Or on the other hand, you can make a video for your brand from scratch.

You are provided with a lot of photos, short videos, and music that you can add to your video. 

You can make a variety of sorts of videos with Biteable, for example, logo animations, presentations, infographics, and so on. 

Cost of Biteable: You can make videos for free yet can get significantly premium designs that start from $20 every month. 


Kizoa isn’t an animation maker. It is a film producer and video editor that you can use to edit videos captured of your product and join pictures to make an ideal video of your product. 

So you have some video clips about your brand or your product. Some lovely looking pictures as well however you don’t wanna run picture promotions rather you need to make a video of these photos. You saw a slideshow video of a contender with some lovely slideshow and it looked extremely proficient that is the thing that Kizoa accomplishes for you. 

You can join videos and pictures or just pictures to make excellent videos for your brand or product. You can pick a layout from a collection of formats offered on their site or you can make another one. 

Cost of Kizoa: Freeform accessible. Premium variant beginning from $29.99 every month. 


Videohive contains a collection of several video layouts that you can use for your business at a fixed price.

You can buy various kinds of video templates from Videohive and alter them to make a pristine and premium video for your business or you can get a freelancer to alter that video for you at a generally ease. 

I generally lean toward Videohive in light of its premium looking video templates and you can utilize Videohive for your business in a powerful manner. 

Cost of Videohive: Vary with each video template

Video production agencies: 

Here comes the best one up until this point. This method is an expensive way to get videos and this is the most effective way to get high quality, premium looking and professional videos for your business. This method is the most expensive of all the above methods because this way you will get a unique video for your business.

The agency will begin with the collection of insights regarding your business, your audience, your strategy, your administrations, and so forth. At that point, they will plan a storyboard for your video which will contain various scenes and content of your video and when you favor that storyboard they will structure the ideal video for your business. 

It is the best method to get a video for your business since you will have a novel expert video, not a layout that every other person will utilize. 

Take a look at different information about an agency, check the old videos they made and take a look at the quality of the brands they worked with. Motioncue video production studio is a budget-friendly and premium video production agency has worked with brands like Johnson and Johnson, Samsung, NewsCorp, P&G, Microsoft, and so on. They additionally have a great portfolio on their site. 

Conclusion: At the end of the day everything comes down to your spending limit and the objective for your video. If you are constrained at spending you ought to go with the initial three, however in the event that you need an incentive for your cash and a great video for your clients then go with a video creation organization.

This article was published on Time Business News