4 Common Rug Buying Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Adding handmade rugs to your home can bring next-level comfort, warmth, and coziness to your rooms. Its enthralling designs and alluring colors captivate the home-lovers, hence, provoking them to buy the best out of these rugs! 

Unfortunately, not every homeowner could grab a high-quality rug! 

That’s because, while finding a perfect fit for your home among oodles of carpet shops, there’re chances of you falling into a trap. Or, because of your super-excitement, you can end up buying a rug that fails to befit your space. In such cases, your investments are more likely to burn into ashes!

The good news is that, if you avoid these 4 common mistakes you can easily get your ideal carpet. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in… 

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Rugs

Buying Ikat rugs online or from any street-side store is often more expensive but a tricky purchase. Thus, before investing in any handmade rug, these mistakes are worth avoiding: 

Ignoring the Measurement of the Rug:

You might be tempted to buy a rug that looks super attractive. But, is it enough to focus on designs and colors only? 

Well, No! 

There’re so many other things you need to consider, like, the scale of your chosen carpet. You miss this step, and there you would be left with the wrong floor cover! 

Sure enough, you don’t want to fall into this quagmire! So, better get yourself a measuring tape and calculate the area. Then, select a carpet that nearly matches your recorded measurements.

Of course, you won’t find the exact size, however, you can choose any of the standard sized-carpets. 

Such as, for drawing or bedrooms, you can go for 9×12 feet rug or 10×14 feet, depending upon the size of your room. And, for small areas i.e., hallway entry, kitchen, or bathroom, getting small sized-rug of around 2×3 feet or 3×5 feet sounds like a good deal. 

Not Prioritizing Your Requirements

Before choosing a hand-knotted rug, consider your requirements thoroughly. For example, if you’re a family person, then placing these amazing carpets in the grand hall might damage its knots due to the high foot traffic. 

In this case, jumping into a store and getting a luxurious rug can turn out to be a huge mistake later on! You would have to conduct frequent deep cleaning to remove the dirt and stains from its surface. Isn’t it what you’re trying to avoid?

Indeed, cleaning these carpets every now and then is an overwhelming task. But, this doesn’t mean you should not buy handmade Ikat rugs for sale. The simple solution is getting a low-quality or cheap carpet for such areas. 

However, you can get a top-notch rug for the rooms where it can rest your floor without fighting back the debris, foot traffic, and stubborn stains like in office rooms or libraries, etc.

Just Focusing on Weight of Carpet

If you think that only weight determines the quality of rugs, then think again! 

Focusing on weight is important but completely relying on it is nearly a devastating idea! 

Apart from just its heaviness, plenty of other factors should also stay in front of your mind while buying a rug, such as: 

  • Material (make sure it’s woven with natural materials i.e., wool, pure silk) 
  • Method (hand-knotted area rugs are the best as compared to flat-woven or tufted rugs) 
  • Back of the carpet (assure that its back is free of uniform pile)
  • Knots per square inch (the more knots means better quality, so get the one with higher knots) 

Pro-tip: Pull out a small thread from the carpet and burn it, to check whether it’s made of natural material or not. If the burn produces a smell then it’s good to go but if not, then it’s not naturally woven!

Overlooking the Importance of Rug Pads

Using the wrong rug pads or not buying them at all is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make when buying a rug.

Having no pads can crush the fibers of your beautiful rugs, eventually, reducing the durability of your carpet. Apart from that, it can also damage your floorings unimaginably.

You see how much rug pads matter for both your floor and carpets?

Getting pads for your floor coverings can enhance the softness of your rugs as well. Thus, don’t forget to bring rug pads along with buying rugs! Choosing hand-knotted Ikat rugs is a fantabulous idea but getting the wrong carpet can ruin your area’s perfect look. So, avoid all the mistakes discussed above to save your dream decoration from transforming into a huge mess!