4 Clothing Trend To Follow in 2021!

Another day and that unbearable heat continue? Don’t worry, with our tips you will be able to survive the day without sweat stains to spoil your look. These are the most important rules for keeping cool in 40-degree heat:

1. Skirt + T-shirt

The skirt and t-shirt combination is ideal in high temperatures. A well-ventilated midi skirt and a wide T-shirt allows us to create various combinations, as opposed to a dress. The look also allows for a quick change of clothes, in case you want to take a quick walk in the park or even on the beach. The pouch finishes the practicality of the look, without straps to let your shoulder sweat.

2. The perfect material

Linen and cotton are great, but only if they are looser. The ancient Romans knew exactly how to deal with the heat in their togas. And even in the Middle East, it is possible to survive high temperatures with the right clothes, using natural materials such as linen, cotton, and silk. Linen has a particularly high air permeability, which allows the skin to breathe regardless of temperature and, as a side effect, heats up at night.

These clothes are also ideal for the office, with linen dresses and blouses, as they are both airy and compact, in addition to having high quality. Linen is the ideal material for summer, If you prefer a more delicate material, silk or polyester are perfect. They are also breathable fabrics, and polyester is a favorite of sportswear brands. Absorbs moisture and quickly returns it to the outside, keeping you dry!

3. Short dresses

The short dresses are always popular in the summer. In this case, not only the size is important, but also it’s material. Too tight = too sweaty.

4. The black dress is released

Yes, that’s right. I know you’ve heard the myth ” Black absorbs light, white reflects”. That’s why we have always been told that we shouldn’t wear dark clothes in the summer and white is the best option, right? Wrong!

It is no wonder that Bedouins wear black or blue clothes in the desert. And even their tents are made of dark fabric. All because of the true positive point of black: although these clothes actually absorb more radiation than the white ones, while the white ones pass the heat to the skin, the black fabric reflects the infrared (UV) rays more to the outside. That’s why we get hotter in white shirts.

Thus, black clothes almost completely block the harmful rays of the sun, while white clothes let about half of the UV radiation pass through to our skin. That is why dark fabrics have a higher sun protection factor (SPF) than lighter ones: a black T-shirt has an SPF greater than 20 and a light one, at most 10. Unlike white clothes, dark ones protect from sunburn.

But don’t worry, we don’t have to move away from white clothes either. A physics teacher explained that it doesn’t really matter much whether the outfit is black or white. “In everyday life, the temperature difference is almost imperceptible. It doesn’t really matter if you wear black or white clothes, it is more important than the clothes are not too thin or glued to the body ”.

Great news, don’t you think ?! Now we can also wear dark clothes in the summer without any problem! Your beautiful little black dress is saved! Don’t have one yet? Find out how to combine yours at TheCustomizeJackets!