4 Business Development Strategies for Lucrative Returns in a Year

One thing is always a certainty in the business world, scaling your business can be extremely challenging. Initially, it means you will have to wear multiple hats. It means you will have to deal with marketing and sales. Additionally, you will have to understand corporate compliance and taxes. It will involve dealing and interacting with customers regularly. And the list goes on and on. In the end, things like these will take a toll on you.

Do you find it challenging to develop your business in today’s highly competitive corporate realms? It could be the case since you might not be focusing on development and growth strategies. Undeniably, an effective expansion strategy involves more than just the short-term success of a business. Let us move forward by looking at a few business development strategies that will bring you increased returns in a year. 


Your employees are the ones who will always be directly in contact with all your customers. So, you will have to hire individuals who are inspired and motivated by your business’s value proposition. Hire a few individuals that can bring value and innovation to the workplace. Instead of hiring the first one you interview, keep your options open and look at multiple prospects. Choose those who can relate to your business’s goals and corporate culture.


Regardless of your industry, there will be many competitors excelling in areas where your company is struggling. It would be best if you considered conducting research and analysis of your competition. A wise decision is to look at a few of your competitors, or at least ones that offer similar products, to know about their growth strategy. Furthermore, it would be best to gain insights into industry standards and trends to analyze rivals’ plans. Business professionals such as data or business analysts are the perfect ones to contact if you need an analysis of your competition. But, don’t be puzzled in approaching either one. You might be juggling over hiring a data analyst vs business analyst but know that both will add value to your business. Maybe you need to enter a new market, develop a product better than your competitor’s, or make better investment decisions than them. Conducting a competitor analysis allows you to make more informed decisions and expand your business quickly. 


Your customer database is a precious asset to use for business decisions. In definition, a customer database contains information about all your customers that previously purchased your services or products. It can become a potent tool in your efforts to expand your business. 

Through a customer database, you will identify the most profitable and loyal customers of your business. Such a thing will allow you to target these customers and go the extra mile for them by providing them the value they seek.

You will also need to hire a database administrator to manage your customer database or learn the skills yourself. It is convenient to search on the internet to understand how to become a database administrator and learn about the career path. You can explore multiple specializations and know what skills are crucial.


Introducing customer loyalty programs will allow you to increase sales and expand your business. It can cost around three times more to acquire customers than to sell a product to an existing one. And, some say that that it might take four or even ten times more. Any way you look at it, it will be a costly endeavor to acquire new customers. 

A customer loyalty program will not only let you retain your existing customers, but it will bring in new ones as well. You can offer your current customers special deals or promotions through a loyalty program to show them your appreciation. In return, they will appreciate your effort for going the extra mile for them and spread positive word of mouth.


Business development strategies should mainly focus on enhancing internal business functions and assets. A perfect way to do such a thing is to focus on your expansion strategies’ long-term outcomes instead of the short-term ones. Business expansion does not happen in a few weeks and can even take years sometimes. However, if you utilize the strategies mentioned in this article, it will significantly speed up the process.