4 Best Website Designs For A Better User Experience In 2021

It takes about 1 second for a user to decide whether they like your website or not. This fact actually proves that having the best design for your website is very very important for better engagement.

Here are we to help you with our list of the 4 best website designs that can inspire you to make a better website for your visitors. We are not the only ones who think that these website designs services and brands have done and proved how their designs are the best, but they have also been given several CSS awards for their creative work.

1. FPP

The top on our list of these award-winning designs is FPP. It’s a website that gives you the experience of being in a store, virtually. With its attractive design and curiosity rising through the steps that it takes a user through this website is irresistible for a person.

It uses more parallax effect and fewer colors to display the imagery. It has also won the CSS award for the best UI and Innovation.

2. Helixes

‘Helixes’ has expertise in strategy, branding, visual design, content production, and digital communication. The website design itself introduces you to their creative side and the amount of effort they are willing to put into any project.

This website has also been awarded the best website award by CSS in animated, grid and webGL categories.

Even if it uses very few colors, it has one of the best UI and UX designs ever seen on a website.

3. Finprint

Finprint is basically a website that lets its users know about the carbon footprint that they might be resulting in by choosing a transportation mode or particular seafood.

Awarded ‘Best Website of the Day’ by CSS for guiding the audience to know more about the carbon emission that they may cause by choosing particular seafood or mode of transport. It uses awesome graphics, a parallax effect, and an attractive color combination to keep the visitors engaged.

4. Beauvoir

Beauvoir is an agency that helps with content creation, branding, advertisement, and HR marketing. The website mostly consists of videos and sliding effects. The images and videos used on the website are of high quality and highly optimized!

The scrolling effect is unique and extraordinary for a website. The placement of elements is done in such a way so that the videos and images are visible clearly without any obstructions.

It has also won the award of ‘Best Website of the Day’ for the UI and UX design of the website.