4 best smart watches to set up your fitness routine: IFGICT

Professionals and outlets need to know the capability of their body that’s why they’ll need a fitness tracker that contract all of the activities of them. The traditional fitness tracker has limited features that can hardly meet up with fitness tracking expectations. So there will require something extra out of this device to help you choose the perfect fitness tracker for you that can keep track of all your daily activities. We have made a list of four fitness tracking smartwatches that is inevitable for any athlete or professional.


Fossil GEN 5


The Fossil generation 5 a classic design smartwatch tracked with modern techs build to help you track your daily activities. This watch has accelerometer altimeter ambient light gyroscope and heart rate sensor which allows it to track your steps heart rate distance and burned calories. You can also set custom goals to track what’s most important to you like drinking water or exercising. It comes with a teetered GPS which allows you to leave your phone behind and use anteater GPS to track the distance of your run without your smartphone. The watch can send your calendar alerts weather forecasts and allow you to control your music. Its 1.28 inch AMOLED display shows all your daily activity status in which vibrant colors and its equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon well 3100 chipsets one to the back RAM and eight gigabytes onboard storage. Which provides smooth operation and allows you to listen to your favorite music on the move. The Fossil Gen 5 runs on we’re always from Google and compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Get things done on the go with the help from Google on wrist ask it anything and here responses and alerts through your water speaker. It comes with a smartphone app which runs on both Android and iOS devices which sends you text email and social media notifications wirelessly with three ATM water resistance. The watch is flameproof and can also run for a full day without needing to recharge. This smartwatch can track your everyday activities with accuracy and help you to achieve a healthier habit.


Galaxy Watch Active 2


Unveiling the all-new Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 a lightweight smartwatch which will accompany you with your healthy and sporting life featured with the Tizen interface and a Super AMOLED screen. This much has two versions of it the 40-millimeter stainless steel and the 44-millimeter aluminum body. Both versions have dual-core 1.15 gigahertz processor and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM along with 4 gigabytes of storage. The Active 2 comes with a rotating touch screen bezel with which you can control all the features of this watch can be really convenient to the users. It has the upgraded heart rate sensor accelerometer GPS GLONASS and it will also be able to record your ECG. The 40-millimeter one will have a battery capacity of one and a half days while the 44 millimeters has the duration of two days with just a single charge. The Active 2 can be found in both LTE and Bluetooth 5.0 versions compatible with both iOS and Android. So you are free to choose the most convenient one for you. This watch has integrated with the new Bigsby support and you can activate a workout with this and you can even paste workout with this to maintain a regular workout. You can join your watch with your phone to stream your favorite playlists from Spotify and also can watch movies on Movie Hustle if you want to be active 2 is ip68 water-resistant. And it can go up to 50 meters underwater while having the military standard 810G body. If you want to add ultimate convenience in your life then this watch is just for you.


Fitbit Versa Lite


The Versa Lite is an affordable smartwatch with fitness tracking features from Fitbit. It can track your cardio fitness score sleep stages and show you score which helps you to understand your health more accurately. It also comes with a unique female health tracking feature which can be used to log your track your cycle and God’s population. The watch can also show you easy ways to improve your health like remind you to move if you are sitting for a long time. Guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate to calm you down. You can also see pace and distance during runs or rides by connecting the watch with your phone’s GPS. This watch runs on Fitbit OS and compatible with both Android and iOS devices which gives you the flexibility to use any platform with this watch. The Fitbit Versa Lite comes with a smartphone app which keeps your daily activity records on your smartphone and lets you view them anytime to get a good idea about your health and how to improve. It comes with a lithium polymer battery which can provide a maximum battery life of four to five days depending on usage time. Plus the watch combines aluminum body with 50-meter water resistance to provide long-lasting durability. The Versa Lite uses lightweight aluminum for the watch case and a flexible band to provide comfortable wear experience. The Fitbit version lite edition is a great choice for your everyday fitness tracking.


Garmin Venu


The Garmin Venu combines the features of fitness tracker and smartwatch to give you the ultimate fitness tracking experience. It comes with a variety of sensors which can provide actually the tracking features like step calendar heart rate monitor travel distance sleep monitor to help you achieve a healthy life. It also tracks your stress level all day and helps you to remove stresses with pre-programmed guidance with its built-in GPS. It can send your location to your contacts when your watch and phone are paired either manually or automatically with its built-in incident detection. You can also receive emails text and alerts right on a watch when paired. The bezel of this watch is made from stainless steel while its lens is made out of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The whole thing is housed in a fiber-reinforced polymer with polymer rear cover which makes it durable enough to withstand any weather condition. It comes with Garmin watch app which allows you to see your everyday tracking data in details and give suggestions to improve. It also has Garmin play so that you can have contact lace payment solution. Its battery can provide a backup time of five days without GPS while its onboard storage allows you to store up to 500 songs and listen to the songs without a smartphone. Plus this watch is waterproof with five ATM water resistance which ensures that you can go swimming while wearing this watch. If you are looking for a perfect smartwatch with fitness tracking features with premium build quality then the Garmin Venu is the right choice for you.


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