4 Best prenatal multivitamins of 2021

A prenatal vitamin helps moms-to-be and would-be mothers in getting the essential nutrients they will require for the healthy development of the baby.

We understand how crucial the stage of pregnancy is, for any mother and above that, what all nutrients are required to support the development and growth of the baby. Take a look at the top five best prenatal multivitamin in India.

  1. HERA prenatal vitamin

HERA’s product helps your body to adjust to these changes. Every mom-to-be deserves the best and the utmost care during this phase.

Considering the same, HERA has created a simple capsule that not only contains the key vital vitamins and minerals required for the pregnant women, but also it includes folic acid as recommended by the gynaecologists. It further helps in bridging all the gaps in your diet, support in baby’s growth and development, and body changes, and of course prevents birth problems and complications.

HERA works on the principle and the motto of clean nutrition. HERA being the best prenatal vitamins in India has created vitamins using the right ingredients, right dosages, and moreover, all its vitamins are clean, safe, and effective. Its prenatal vitamin consist of Folic acid 500 Mcg, Iron 50 Mg, Vitamin C 35 Mg, Iodine 12 Mg, Magnesium 250 Mcg, Zinc 80 Mg, Vitamin B12 1.2 Mg, Vitamin B1 1 Mg, and Vitamin B12 1 Mg

HERA capsules are quite easy to swallow. It has no artificial taste or ingredients involved which doesn’t cause nausea, and is 100% vegetarian. Taking its prenatal vitamin will support organ development, boost the immune system and also prevent birth defects. All the HERA products are made with clean ingredients, it is everything you will need to support and perfectly nourish your baby.

It comes in a one month pack, and one can easily buy it from here: https://heranow.com/product/prenatal-essentials/

Apart from HERA prenatal vitamins, it also covers a wide range of products and services. It covers all stages of a women’s life by including intimacy, fertility, pregnancy, maternity, and much more. HERA not only takes care of plan essentials, and postnatal vitamins, along with prenatal essentials.

One A Day Women’s Prenatal 1 Multivitamin

This option is also the second best option if you wish to go for prenatal vitamins. It is highly recommended by the doctors to meet the nutrient requirements of the pregnant mother. It is a laboratory tested product and contains folic acid, iron, and DHA inside and this supplement is useful before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and even after pregnancy.

  1. Pink Stork Liquid Prenatal Vitamin

Many times, it is difficult for some women to swallow the pills. Hence Pink stork is a liquid prenatal vitamin and is ideal for those women who don’t like to swallow pills or the prenatal gummies. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a flavour. They have added flavoured, however this flavour is tolerable by most users and is recommended to consume before consulting your doctor. It has folate, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, and zinc. Pink stork has a limited amount of calcium, so you will be required to intake an extra calcium supplement along with this liquid supplement.

  1. Nature Made Prenatal + DHA 200 mg Multivitamin

DHA is a fatty acid that is necessary for the development of a baby’s brain. Although many supplements available in the market do promise to provide a high DHA value, not all of them fulfil it. In Nature Made supplement, there is 400mg of DHA. If your diet consists of more than 400mg, it is recommended to take a separate supplement for essential fatty acid.  Nature made prenatal also consists of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K2, vitamin d3, and vitamin b12 in its capsules.

  1. Mama Bird Prenatal multivitamin

Mama bird prenatal multivitamin makes sure that you have a healthy pregnancy along with the right amount of folate. Folate is nothing but a part of all prenatal formulas; however few of the women may need more quantity than all of these supplements. Mama Bird multivitamin contains a methyl folate blend, and is a vegan-friendly product. It is affordable for almost everyone.

Lastly to conclude, it is recommended to make a thorough comparison of ingredients, apart from the price, as there are numerous benefits of multivitamins Moreover, post analyzing all of these best prenatal multivitamins of 2021, it is also suggested to ensure that you do not ignore your regular and a well balanced diet. The idea of prenatal multivitamin pills is not to replace or take over your healthy diet; but rather it can be complementary to help your body, and take care that it doesn’t lack any of the vital nutrients before, during, and after the pregnancy.