4 Best Diver’s Watches To Collect

Diver’s watches have made a splash in the watchmaking world. Since its inception, these watches have tested water resistance limits and practical design. As it proved useful in any depth, it became the go-to watch for any diver, swimmer, or collector. Back then, the diver’s watch had to go through treacherous waters to reach that limit. Today, these watches only reminisce what it has left as a fashion statement, becoming popular for wearers. 

Finding the right diver’s watch will be tricky. This is because models now might have features from the original model but lack its essence. You can test it with a splash of water or have it tested by a professional diver. If water resistance isn’t your primary concern, you can still get one to have a good collector’s item. 

Here are some diver’s watches that you can collect!

Seiko Prospex Samurai Save The Ocean SRPC93

Coming from the Seiko Prospex Turtle collection, this watch has a cushion-shaped case. Its trademark look is the blue dial and bezel wrapped around a stainless steel bracelet. Not only do you get a 200m water resistance, but you also get a unidirectional bezel when you go deepsea diving. Therefore, it’s the perfect companion for any underwater activities.

The great thing about this watch is that it fits your wrist. You get a premium price for the practical features you seek and its mechanisms. However, its self-winding feature might need to get used to, especially for people who prefer automatic movement. 

Pantor Seahorse Pro

If Seiko isn’t your preference, Pantor provides an alternative. It has the same automatic movements you see in a Seiko watch but with higher water resistance at 1,000m. And yes, there are watches that can survive the deepest depths possible.

Another great thing about the Seahorse Pro is its price. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly diver’s watch, this one is for you. 

Davosa Ternos Professional

This watch checks all the boxes for a high-quality Swiss diver’s watch. You get a 42mm display backed up with Swiss-made movements. Compared to other watches, its ceramic bezels have a non-reflective surface, making it handy for its price. If you need one for an investment, this watch also covers that. After all, Swiss watches are one of the most in-demand timepieces in the world. 

Rolex Submariner

Rolex is the leader of luxury-made diver’s watches. Although newer models have undergone many design changes, it still holds up its name. You get a unidirectional bezel, a sleek dial, and a stainless steel case. If battery power is your concern, the watch has a 70-hour power reserve, making it ideal for long diving sessions underwater. 

People also love Rolex because it set the standard for modern diver’s watches. And it shows in their many models. If you can secure a Rolex watch, it shows that you value quality above all else. 

Wrapping Up

The best diver’s watch should always consider its features, design, and practicality. If you like to dive deep underwater, find a watch with high water resistance. On the other hand, they are also fit for any swimming sessions or if you like to show off your newest collection. Ultimately, diver’s watches are a great choice for owning your first timepiece. 

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