4 Best Canva Alternatives

There is no doubt that canva is one of the best & most commonly used designing tools for Pro designers and non-designers. But there is a time when things get a bit challenging for the beginners. Working with the same templates & features is something that everyone searches for. This is why we have come up with the best alternatives for canva in this post, so enjoy reading the information below. 

Top 4 Alternatives For Canva:

Below are some of the best similar websites to Canva that everyone can use for designing purposes instead of canva.


Pixlr is one of the top best alternatives of canva because of its amazing features through which you can create, edit, and share pictures online without any hassle. Pixlr can only be used as a canva alternative, but it can also be used as an adobe photoshop. But the best thing about this designing program is that you don’t have to install it on your windows. However, it does mean that it is not available as the desktop version. Users can use both online or desktop versions of it according to their choices. 


There is no doubt that choosing the best from similar websites to canva is tricky. But Crello is another one-stop solution for your designing projects. Most users consider the Crello as the closest alternative because both websites have some uncanny resemblance. The advantage of using this platform is that you can create posts for social media networks, marketing animations, blogs, and other various types of ads.


On the 3rd number, we have listed fotoram that is totally free to use. So you use the editing features of this platform for free to design your images, making edits to your pictures. You can also do the art photo and also create a collage of your pictures. Just like the other similar websites to canva you can consider fotoram a one stop solution because it can help you resize the images, crop, adjust colors, blur, and many more. 


Snappa is also another amazing addition to similar websites to canva that allows you to create the graphics of your choice for ads, blogs, social media, and snap. Snappa offers a simple and easy to use editor through which you get a wide range of vectors, icons, images, and simple sets of shapes to use in your creative edits.