4 Benefits of Using a Limousine Hire Over Rideshares

In early 2019, 36% of American adults said they’ve used a ridesharing service. Today, that number is probably much higher, with how big Uber and Lyft have made it.

But there’s another option for transportation many Americans have overlooked: limousine hire. They actually have many benefits that make them more worth it than using rideshare apps.

What are they? Here are 4 you should consider.

1. They Use Professional Drivers

With rideshares, you’re being driven around by normal everyday drivers like you. This is their side job, after all.

But with a limo service, you’re paying for a professional driver. These chauffeurs have the training, experience, and licensing necessary to keep you safe while on the road.

While rideshare drivers might have years (even decades) of experience on the road, nothing beats professional training. These expert chauffeurs know how to drive defensively in ways that regular drivers don’t.

2. They Use Luxury Cars

Rideshare drivers use their own vehicles. While they might be in good condition, they’re not necessarily luxury cars.

On the other hand, limo companies like BTS Limousine have fleets of luxury vehicles. This ensures that you not only travel elegantly, but also safely.

Professional fleets are maintained to the highest standards. While rideshare cars are initially inspected, later maintenance is not rigorously upheld, which means you might be riding in some potentially unsafe cars.

3. The Chauffeurs Know the Local Area

Rideshare drivers might be familiar with a particular spot. But chances are, you might need them to pick you up or drop you off somewhere they’ve never been. This can end up with them going around in circles, wasting your time and money.

Limousine drivers are required to know a large radius of the local area. So getting an airport limousine service can be well worth it when you need to get to your hotel and then a meeting across town within a short span of time.

4. You’ll Have a Unique Experience

All of the above factors will mean that you have a unique and special experience. When using a rideshare app, it’s true that you can get an awesome driver in a decent car. But it’ll be a nice experience at the most.

However, when you ride in a limousine, it’ll truly be a special experience. You’ll get truly personalized service in a vehicle that’s sure to turn heads. And the interior will be clean and comfortable, making your journey the most pleasant one.

Whether you’re just pampering yourself or you’re meeting with a prospective client, the limo ride is sure to be impressive.

Try a Limousine Hire Next Time

As you can see, there are several benefits of using a limousine hire instead of rideshare. So the next time you need to get to your destination, call a limo service instead of firing up your rideshare apps. You won’t regret it!

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