4 Benefits of exterior basement waterproofing

There are a number of reasons you should go for exterior basement waterproofing techniques to safeguard your basement. Dampness is a major problem in any basement, hence keeping the space efficiently waterproofed is very essential. A moist basement can be the major reason behind structural damage, poor value of the property and health issues. Moist basements are of very little use in comparison to dry ones. Here are some of the benefits of exterior basement waterproofing Toronto:

Area covered

The advantages of exterior basement waterproofing revolve around a major fact: while interior basement waterproofing preserves the water out of your basement, it doesn’t prevent the water out of your walls. It can cause issues from water interacting with wire, pipes, insulation, wood, etc. Surely, when you go for exterior basement waterproofing, you can prevent this from happening.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew can only breed under damp and humid conditions. Waterproofing your basement from the external side will majorly lower the area accessible to mold and mildew to breed. This is pretty essential as mold and mildew may require a lot of effort in their eradication and can also damage your walls, paper and goods and lead to a number of health issues. Preventing their growth before waterproofing your exterior is essential for your property as well as your health.

Damaged property

Dampness damages the items stored in your basement. In humid areas, it is not possible to store any items such as paper or food. Obviously, when you get your basement waterproofed from the outside, it doesn’t let any leak or dampness come in. It prevents any damage to the property and allows you to use your basement for storage.

Remember a wet basement can cause serious structural damage. Wet wood is prone to several problems than dry wood and it can lower the value and safety of your house. Just considering one situation, termites require moisture to thrive. They can flourish in damp wood and cause big structural damage to your house. Moist wood is not good in any situation and is vulnerable to rot after a termite infestation. So, if you want to protect the walls of your basement, then exterior basement waterproofing is the best solution.

Increased area

A damp basement can take up less area than a dry one as it is of no use. No one can live in a musty odor, moist environment, or even spend some time. So, if you want to have an additional space that you can put to some use, then waterproofing your exterior is a must.

Lastly, exterior waterproofing brings you great peace of mind. It calms your mind more than interior basement waterproofing because it secures your house from the outside to the inside. It keeps your basement and foundation well-protected. Furthermore, it properly channelizes the water, allows the drainage to function properly and doesn’t let moisture touch your walls.

All you need to do is hire a reliable basement waterproofing Toronto company such as Waterproofing PD to perform exterior basement waterproofing for you and sit calmly and sip your coffee.