4 Basic Types Of Elder Abuse. A Comprehensive Guide!

It’s tough to become old. Elders are frequently frail and rely on others since they are unaware of how to thrive independently. Elder violence is described as any purposeful wrongful act that increases the risk of damage to an older adult. Elder abuse involves physical or mental trauma imposed on an older adult. Also, financial exploitation or disregard of their well-being by those directly involved in the care. Abuse of an elderly family member must be reported to the relevant officials, and the victim’s legal rights must be defended. It is critical to seek justice on behalf of the beloved older adult and recover compensation for their injuries and losses due to their activities.

As people get older, they become less capable of caring for themselves. When a close relative discovers that their loved one has been hurt due to neglect at a care facility, they may become enraged, dissatisfied, and ashamed. If someone feels that an older adult is in danger because of a careless or overburdened caregiver, it is critical to establish a persuasive elder abuse case. An expert who is knowledgeable about legal channels and rights should be hired. Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney determines the best approach for one’s case and assists in recovering all harm caused by nurses’ negligence of the older adult.

Different Types of Elder Abuse

The term “elder abuse” refers to various concerns connected to the care of the elderly, not just physical damage. The following are the main types:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse refers to using power against an aged person that is not accidental,  resulting in bodily pain, harm, or disability. It encompasses violent attacks such as slapping or pushing and includes improper medications, restrictions, or isolation. Serious injuries, scratches, wounds, and sprains are evidence of physical elder abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Mental or emotional abuse is often characterized as a behavior that causes mental anguish, anxiety, or grief. This abuse and neglect are frequently verbal, but not always the case. Nonverbal types of psychological abuse include, for example, providing an elderly adult the cold shoulder or distancing them from relatives.

It consists of the following;

  • Verbal threats through shouting or accusations
  •  Insults and mockery
  • Consistent criticizing  
  • Disregarding the seniors
  • Separating an older adult from friends and interests
  • Torturing or harming the elderly


Negligence is defined as a caregiver’s inability to satisfy their responsibility to provide the necessary care by an aged person. It applies to both families and care facilities, and other care providers. A victim of abuse and neglect may be frail or emotionally tortured. The caregiver does not provide adequate care for the sufferer, who may be conscious of the shortcomings in their upbringing. Most of the time, relatives or friends do not react appropriately to the health worries of the elders. They must be held liable for their irresponsible or unethical behavior without question. In most cases, seeking legal counsel from a knowledgeable attorney is preferred. A Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney can assist in filing a legal claim and guiding one through the full procedure.

Financial exploitation

The exploitation of funds usually occurs with individuals with whom they may speak and assess their financial conditions. Furthermore, they may have an untreated disability that makes them fearful of losing their independence in the long run. Consequently, one has a high level of trust in a caregiver capable of theft, deceit, and misuse of funds. Untrustworthy caregivers may:

  • Misappropriate an elder’s cash payments,
  • Bank cards or savings
  • Steal money or housewares
  • Counterfeit the elder’s sign
  • Commit financial fraud

The Impacts of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can have various emotional and physical consequences for elders. Victims become terrified and worried. Also, they have a lack of confidence and suspicion about people. Many victims are physically harmed, such as cuts, scars, or sprains. Others are more dangerous and can result in long-term disability. Head injuries, continuous bodily discomfort, and discomfort are examples of these. Physical wounds can also result in early death and aggravate pre-existing health conditions.

Last Thoughts

Elder abuse refers to any harm or violation committed against an older adult. Elder abuse might happen due to nursing staff shortages in health care facilities and violations of elders’ basic rights. Elder abuse refers to a variety of difficulties related to elderly care. Ignorance, emotional, mental, and economic abuse are all examples. One may wish to seek justice on behalf of an elderly loved one and claim damages for their pain and losses due to their acts. If one wants to establish a convincing elder abuse claim, consult with a lawyer about the legal options and entitlements. Finding the best elder abuse lawyer and legal advice on one’s side might help safeguard one’s legal protections. Call (561) 655-1990 for a free consultation with a respected Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney!