4 Areas of Your Face Not to Neglect

The face is the focal point of nearly everyone’s body. As such, it receives a lot of attention when it comes to caring for your physical appearance. Makeup goes on it, shampoo gets put into it, and facial masks are rubbed into its pores. You’d think that by now we’d know all there was to know about this ‘magical’ skin, but it seems that there are still some important parts of the face left out. These areas include:


Eyebrows frame your face. They accentuate the color of your eyes and draw attention to them. When you have great brows, you increase your facial symmetry and your face takes on a more ‘angular’ look, which is considered to be aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, many eyebrow styles have been popular throughout the years, such as the ’50s style of thin brows and cat-eye makeup or the thick brow trend of today. Eyebrows need special care because they are naturally thicker than the other hairs on your face. Shampooing should be done regularly to remove excess oil and dirt, but it shouldn’t be too frequent because this can dry out the hair follicles and weaken them. Oil should be continually applied to keep brows hydrated, smooth, and shiny. A good way to do this is with a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil. 

Eyebrows can also accumulate small hairs, which take away the ‘perfect’ look. Waxing is effective for this because it removes these hairs at their root, so you won’t have to worry about them sprouting up again anytime soon. Massaging your eyebrows with castor oil whenever you wax them will promote hair growth and keep the skin around your eyebrows healthy. A little bit of eyebrow technical training can go far in helping you master eyebrow care.


Blackheads are a common cause of embarrassment, but not many people know how to get rid of them properly. They’re annoying because they appear ‘black’ on our white skin and we can’t help but touch them. However, the more we do so, the more inflamed they become. This is why it’s most effective to reduce the appearance of blackheads with natural remedies, such as by using coconut oil or baking soda, rather than with harsher products that strip away your skin’s natural oils. When you have this issue, also take care not to apply too much makeup to your face because it clogs up your pores. Make sure that the products you use are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and oil-free, otherwise these issues will only get worse.

Lip Care

Lip care is one of the most underrated aspects of facial care. We apply ChapStick or lip balm approximately twice a day; however, we should be doing this at least once an hour. The lips contain a lot of sensitive nerve endings and as such, they are very vulnerable to damage from the sun, wind, cold weather, and even humidity. As such, it’s important to take good care of them by applying sunscreen or lip balm with an SPF of 30 or more whenever you go outside. Since your lips are always exposed, they can become chapped or dry very easily. This makes them itchy and uncomfortable, so applying lip balm more frequently is crucial for their health. A good way to get rid of flaking skin is with toothpaste because this contains menthol which acts as an astringent. Don’t do this more than once a month, though, because it could damage the skin by stripping away too much of its natural oils.


Finally, another important part of your face is the skin itself. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but taking care of your skin should be done properly if you want to have good skin health. Using a gentle cleanser and scrubbing in a circular motion will help to remove dead skin cells and promote new growth. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best not to use harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubs that will strip your skin of its moisture. In addition to this, always consult a dermatologist before trying out any products on your face to make sure that they’re safe for use.

There are four areas on your face that are often forgotten but should not be neglected if you want to have healthy skin. These are eyebrows, blackheads, lip care, and skincare. You can achieve a more ‘perfect’ look by taking good care of these facial features with natural remedies, such as coconut oil or baking soda for blackheads, and castor oil and toothpaste for flaking lips.