4.0 Shocking Ways To Recover Scammed Bitcoin Lost To IQ Options Investment Trade Scam

Use | efunds recovery Are you looking for a Bitcoin scam recovery service.? There are a few important things you need to learn and understand for such a process.

Many investors try to look for ways to replenish bitcoin lost to the Binary Options Investment Scam like the Mirror Trading International Scam that left hundreds of South Africans in a very bad financial state.


A Legit Bitcoin Scam Recovery service is a digital currency chargeback process that complies with all necessary agencies both internationally and in certain Countries and states where applicable. A few of the relevant National and International Agencies include the U.S Security and Exchange Commission with it’s EDGAR platform’s database having a holistic company search to identify companies that can scam you of your Bitcoin investment.

Another Bitcoin investment agency regulator for Binary options scam recovery is the Federal Trade Commission FDI. 


Lost Bitcoin Recovery service:

Recovering Scammed Bitcoin service has been exponential considering the fact that Bitcoin investments have developed a whole lot and recovering btc becomes a high demanding service. Forex FX exchange, or Forex, is a growing financial activity and IQ Choice shows some 188 currency trading pairs, which helps customers to easily swap their favorite foreign currencies.

Follow the steps below for ways to recover lost Bitcoin to IQ Options Investment scam.


Hire btc Recovery Expert

There are a few easy ways to hire a reliable Bitcoin recovery expert, If you search on reliable platforms like the Apnews, You would read about a reliable scammed bitcoin recovery expert here.

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Hire a Bitcoin Recovery Expert to Recover Scammed Bitcoin

The best way to hire a btc recovery agent to retrieve scammed cryptocurrency is to Hire eFunds Recovery which is a cryptocurrency recovery expert that is capable of getting back stolen cryptocurrency and lost bitcoin to investment scams like the IQ Options scam with lots of review presence on trustpilot bitcoin recovery services.


The services of a btc retrieval agent to recover scammed btc offers fast recovery service for scammed btc with lots of services on how to reclaim  btc by a digital cryptocurrency chargeback.

Earlier before now, There were difficult ways to get a trial of peer-to-peer traces of BTC payments but with the services of a reliable bitcoin scam recovery expert like OR you now stand better chances of getting back your scammed bitcoin from investment scams online.


There are ways to go about recovering your lost btc. You can either follow a series of btc recovery processes as a way to get money back from a bitcoin scammer. Or you can hire a bitcoin recovery expert or funds recovery expert to help recover money lost to binary options forex, and bitcoin cryptocurrency scams.


Bitcoin QR Code Generator To Recover Scammed Cryptocurrency.

A few BTC QR Code generators are used to support the process for recovering scammed bitcoin from fraudulent investment in IQ Options.

  • Bitcoin Core To Recover Lost Cryptocurrency: One of the best ways to recover lost btc or any other cryptocurrency within any investment trading platform may require btc core to secure all traces across a peer-to-peer network which eliminates the need to trust your recovery process with a third party and democratizes the btc as it ensures that the cryptocurrency is refunded back to the btc wallet it came from.


  • Bitcoin Cash Recovery is also supported: Bitcoin Cash is also supported by the block size which is 8mb compared to 1mb for bitcoin and enabling it to process more transactions each second. 
  • Ether (ETH) Scam Recovery: This cryptocurrency enables users to code and release their decentralized reclaim crypto apps and create a smart contract  that automatically enforces their clauses to prevent it from being scammed, its network destroys the transactions as well. 


Requirements For Lost Bitcoin Wallet Recovery

  • Recover BTC Paper wallets: Paper wallets are not actually wallets, but rather private keys and addresses required for recovering scammed btc and are printed out on paper. While the keys and addresses for retrieving scammed cryptocurrency can technically be generated non-deterministically or deterministically, the usage is basically the same or poorer than a non-deterministic software wallet used for getting scammed bitcoin back from scammer. Paper wallets have a number of significant advantage when it comes to recovering scammed cryptocurrency, including encouraging address reuse which would be used to trace scammed bitcoin lost to IQ options trade investment scam by exposing keys to less secure networked devices (printer), and not handling change addresses to keep off track of lost bitcoin to scam. Paper wallets can be important using it with btc recovery seeds.


  • Recovering Bitcoin Scam Using Public key:  eFunds Recovery randomly generates all private / public key pairs independent of each other. A keypool buffer was added to the Bitcoin-Qt / Bitcoin Core wallet in October 2010, which allowed the wallet to create a collection of unused addresses, rather than generating new addresses one by one upon use. While this feature allowed for less frequent backups than before, the non-determinism still carried the risk of key loss if the pool was exhausted and a new key was generated beyond what was saved in backup.


  • Deterministic wallets are essentially any wallet where “you can backup once… because all future addresses are determined in advance,” which was a massive improvement in recoverability. There are two different forms:
    • Sequential deterministic wallets take a single seed phrase / passphrase and repeatedly increment it in order to generate new keypairs. This meant that the system would only need to store addresses, and then re-generate the private keys when needed.
    • Hierarchical deterministic wallets take a single seed phrase and randomly generate a master private / public key pair, which is then used to derive child key pairs that generate addresses. This system allows for the generation of addresses to occur without the master private key, with only the public key.


  • Multi-signature wallets require multiple signatures or parties to sign a transaction in order to spend bitcoin. An M-of-N BIP11 address must first be generated in order to receive bitcoin for spending in multi-signature transactions. While the 2-of-2 and 2-of-3 schemes are the most common, the maximum number of public keys is higher, and this could increase much more in the future with Schnorr signatures and Taproot. ‘Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions’ (PSBT) according to BIP174 (proposed), where unsigned or partially signed transactions are passed around to multiple signers or signing devices, may also be an option.


How to Know and Avoid BTC Recovery Scam

The following are some tips on how you can avoid losing money to a fund’s recovery scam:

  • Search for suspicious companies records from the database on EDGAR. This will bring out all registration certificates of investment companies that are listed and legitimate with the United States government as well as the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Avoid giving money your credit card or bank account number to anybody calling you with an offer to recover money, cryptocurrency, or investment profits you never received if the caller says you have to pay a percentage in advance. As stated earlier, it’s totally against the law for someone to request or receive a percentage of the yet-to-be-recovered funds as payment from you until you have confirmation that the recovery process has been successfully carried out.
  • If someone claims to represent a government agency that will recover your lost money, cryptocurrency, or prizes for a fee or a donation to a charity, that is also a red flag and they should be totally avoided. National, state, and local consumer protection agencies and nonprofit organizations do not charge for their services.
  • If you are going to use any company to recover either money or stolen funds (including bitcoin, cryptocurrency, binary options and forex), you can ask the kind of services the company provides and the cost of each service. Check out the company with local government law enforcement and consumer agencies; ask whether other people have registered complaints about the business. You also can enter the company name into an online search engine to look for complaints.


Recovering BTC Through Chargebacks:

Typically you need to create a chargeback at intervals a hundred and twenty days of once you initial detected the scammed cryptocurrency

So essentially providing that a hundred and twenty days hasn’t passed since you became aware that you simply had been scammed then you’ve got a really sturdy probability of obtaining a refund by hiring a cryptocurrency Scam Recovery expert for a chargeback, unless the business isa closed down.


Here’s How To initiate a Scammed cryptocurrency Recovery chargeback yourself:

1. Get The BTC Wallet Address an all Relevant Transaction Information for recovering btc or through Your Debit Card/Credit Card Company

To file a BTC Scam chargeback, you need to send detailed message request to your credit card company or send a comprehensive message with all bitcoin transactions information, that the very first thing you’ll have to be compelled to do is acquire the transactions information as well as the wallet address of the scammer that scammed the btc and then the debit card/credit card company notification.

Simply enter your “card supplier + address” into the search bar (without quotes) which can bee a listing of results. As you’ll see below I have used Barclaycard as an associate in an example:

Be sure that you simply have gotten info|the knowledge|the data} from the official web site as third party websites might contain mistaken information that may mean your chargeback request goes to the incorrect place & doesn’t get actioned. If you’ve got any doubts then offer your card-issuer a decision employing a glorious range & raise them directly that address you ought to send the request to.


2. Confirm the precise Details concerning The Payment

To be ready to handle your chargeback claim your bank or card-issuer can would like all the data concerning the payment(s) that you simply created. If you don’t give this the primary time around then you’ll be asked for a lot of info which is able to increase the length of your time your chargeback request takes thus it’s best to supply everything in one go right from the terribly begin.

  • You will would like the subsequent information:
  • Details of what you thought you were getting.
  • The date(s) of every payment that you simply created.
  • The company that you simply created the payment(s) to.
  • Proof of the payment(s) – like a receipt, invoice or any emails received.
  • The total quantity of every payment(s) that you simply created.


3. Compose Your Letter & Request a Refund

Once you’ve gathered all the data concerning the transaction(s) that you simply created your next step is to compose a letter & send it on to your bank or card-issuer.

The first necessary issue you wish to say is that you simply square measure claiming for a refund below the Visa Chargeback rules, and therefore the second necessary issue you wish to say is however you felt that the corporate were in breach of their contract. once it involves binary choices scams, you were quite possibly secure $XX and that they didn’t deliver, that may be a clear breach of contract.


The Easy steps To Recover IQ Options Scam BTC Funds To  Bitcoin investment Scam;

  • Send a message request to ” OR
  • Send information on the website details and names of the Company that scammed you of Forex Trading, Bitcoin, Binary Options, Ethereum Investment, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrency investments.
  • You need to keep details of the transactions including the bitcoin addresses, Bank details (Where applicable) Phone numbers associated with the representatives of the company that scammed you of bitcoin investment to be recovered.
  • Tell us your story on how long you have been investing in the company and interest that was promised at the end of the process.
  • A summary of the agreement (If applicable) is also required for possible local authorities
  • You can choose if you would prefer an Ethical hacking prowess during the process or a traditional process that requires little technology.

Use: electronic funds recovery ( / Act fast by contacting a reliable Bitcoin Funds Recovery Expert as soon as you suspect that you have fallen victim for a Bitcoin IQ Options investment Scam.


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