3D Interior Design: How To Do For Free?

Are you planning on expanding your kitchen, or have you just moved into a house and want to embark on some projects? Creating 3D interior designs online with roomtodo can come in handy as an easier and more affordable option to make it happen.

Interior design is one of the most popular architectural fields and its relevance is continuously growing. For this reason, new technologies have been developed to make it easy for everybody. With a computer, you can get access to adequate tools to try out your design ideas. Gone are the days of drawing on countless pieces of paper for ideas, as it can now be done conveniently in 3D with your device.

One of the best software to create your dream home designs and make all your favorite 3D interior designs online is Roomtodo. Roomtodo is one of the top software for interior design and decoration.

Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Interior design must not be confused with interior decorations. Since 3D interior designs online will be stated multiple times in this article, it is necessary you know what it means.

While interior decoration involves furnishing or beautifying a space with various items, interior design is a much larger concept. It is the art of understanding the behavior and needs of individuals and utilizing them to create satisfactory building spaces.

While a decorator adorns and beautifies a space, a designer applies creativity and technical innovations to produce functional, attractive, and life-enhancing art. Roomtodo service negates the classical belief that decorators don’t design. Both decoration and design services are available on the Roomtodo online software. This makes this software an all-in-one-place platform.

Roomtodo 3D Interior Designs Online

The roomtodo design software is fitted with various online tools to create stunning 3D interior designs online. With its free tools, you can plan, design, and decorate your apartment and office at your comfort.

Its easy-to-use platform does not need any special skills or knowledge to create designs. However, designs with this software will leave design professionals in shock.

In addition, when you successfully create your design, roomtodo allows you to visualize your interior design project with a 360 view.

How To Create Your 3D Interior Designs Online

Roomtodo amazing user interface makes it very easy to create 3D interior designs online. However, there are standard ways to guarantee you get incredible design results.

To create the best designs, the following steps will be the best approach:

Step 1: Start with the floor plan of your project

If you have an image in mind- and there is nothing wrong in imagining, – that may give you some edge. Some think you may knock yourself out in a way. Either way, instead of this, try to measure the walls and make a sketch of how you want your design to look like.

Step 2: Draw a 2D plan

The roomtodo 2D plan of the apartment provides you with a practical approach to the whole idea of complex configurations you cannot possibly design online with some other software. With roomtodo software, you can come up with walls of uneven viscosity as well as angled walls

Step 3: Select finishing materials

The 3D interior design online cannot be complete without choosing the finishing materials you want to use. You can try your hands on a wide range of finish options and for different structural components, including ceiling, floor, wall, door finishes. Here, you can use wallpaper, stones, wood, mosaics, tiles, and more. You’re not limited to these materials.   

Step 4: Organize Decorative objects and furniture

After selecting your finishing materials, the next line of action is to arrange the furniture and decorative objects. There are hundreds of different pieces of decorative and furniture objects you can use. With the roomtodo software, you customize the decoration and use the furniture materials that match your needs.

Here, you can combine and resize your finishing materials as you want. The software is incorporated with a wide variety of combos, allowing you to modify initial designs and decorations based on your wish

Step 5: View Different 3D Styles

Now that your design is almost complete, it is time to switch between different 3-dimensional (3D) view modes. If your drawings are for building walls, you can view them. You also have the chance to view the design from a first-person viewpoint which allows you to walk around and assess the result of your designs and decoration. In the same way, there is a 2D and 3D view for positioning decorative objects and furniture

Step 6: Add furniture

Finally, after setting the designs and putting all decorations in place, it is time to add your furniture. Doors, windows, stairs, chairs, columns, arches, and other components of the building can begin to come in place as you round off the entire design process.

Contact Information of Roomtodo

You might get confused as you try to create your 3D Interior Designs online on the roomtodo software. For this reason, customer support is available to answer all your questions and reply to your complaints.

You can access them via email at and by telephone at +38 093 566 10 80. The platform also has a blog to keep users of the roomtodo software updated on all the design services that they offer.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of reasons to use the roomtodo 3-dimensional models apart from using it to communicate your designs to clients for approval.  Ease of creation, convenience in modifications, and top-quality results make this software the go-to guy.

Roomtodo software makes 3D design a lot easier for all categories of people. Apart from the ease and convenience it boasts, the service offers quality results for all your design and decoration projects.

Creating your 3D interior designs online is a nice way to save yourself some cash and roomtodo offers this service on the cheap. With no special skills or expertise required, you can rest assured that your 3D designs will always come out pitch-perfect.