36- How To Properly Thank Someone

Most people underestimate the power of a thank you card because nowadays, it seems easier and cheaper to send a text, an email, or make a phone call. However, a customized thank you card conveys more than just the message; it implies you invested time and went out of your way to create something unique. There are several ingenious ways to say thank you by using a custom card.

Make the Card Handwritten

According to Inc., a handwritten card is one of the most effective ways to show someone you care. You can quickly text or email in the current digital world, but it takes time and effort to write by hand. The gesture shows the magnitude of your care and appreciation, making the message more memorable. 

It is also more exciting for your recipient to receive a letter in a handwritten and customized envelope. Therefore, add a few details on the envelope that the recipient can identify with, such as favorite colors, animals, or seasons. Without any doubt, handwritten letters are still powerful gifts. Their emotional impact remains unbeaten. 

Specify the Reason for Your Gratitude 

Specifying why you are expressing appreciation can be challenging to some people, so some professionals make a living writing thank you notes on behalf of others. For starters, you can draft some ideas to help articulate why you appreciate the person.  

According to Grammarly
, when you name what you are grateful for, you communicate to people that their actions are memorable and meaningful. Start by asking what makes you thankful for your boss, friend, colleague, etc., and write an explanatory phrase. Here are some examples you can use: 

  • Jane, I appreciate you for babysitting my children when I was taking extra classes in college.
  • Thank you, Virginia, for helping our family when I was diagnosed with cancer and needed to take time off.
  • I am grateful to you, Alex, for being an understanding and caring coworker.  

Get Personal

Pick a memorable event as a starting point, such as the accomplishments or outstanding actions that make the card’s recipient different and exceptional. Clearly explain how the person impacts your life. 

You can also approach a colleague, neighbor, or mutual friend who knows the recipient well. When conversing, you may get an insight into the recipient’s personality, which helps to personalize your message.

Use Simple Words 

Choose simple words instead of fancy language. Any over exaggerations make you sound insincere. Additionally, keep in mind the relationship you have with the person. A thank you note for a friend differs in structure and wording from a note meant for your boss. Here are some examples of how to keep it simple: 

  • I am looking forward to showing you around the next time you visit California.
  • I am excited for our upcoming meeting this June.
  • We can go out for dinner next time we meet, my treat.

When appreciating someone, you need to strike a balance between extravagance and the magnitude of their favor. While showing appreciation in a big way is vital sometimes, it may cause unnecessary discomfort for some people. In most cases, a simple handwritten thank-you note is appropriate.


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