3 Ways Video Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Events

You take the time and spend the money to ensure your business events are interesting, unique and entertaining. But then the unspeakable happens: No one shows up. Fortunately, building a better digital marketing strategy can prevent that from happening again. Whether you want to promote exhibitions, trade shows or other in-person events, videos are a solid marketing strategy to keep in your toolbox. After all, videos have the power to supercharge your digital marketing plan and ensure your event gets the attendance it deserves. 

Why Use Video for Marketing Events?

Videos marketing can generate excitement. If you can visually show your audience why they should be thrilled about your event, you will likely have more people attend. With a video, you can also easily capture the wonder or overall splendor of your event. You can show the inspirational guest speakers, potential networking opportunities and other perks guests may enjoy upon joining your event. 

In the digital age, walls of text and still images no longer cut it. Instead, video marketing is the comprehensive solution you’ve been searching for to reach maximum engagement and convey your message in a way that resonates with your audience. A video can easily illustrate why attending your event is worth people’s time in a way that text simply cannot.

If you are still wary of diving into video for your next event, consider the three following benefits of incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy.

1. Get more sign-ups

Dropping fascinating videos that promote your event before it has even begun can help create a powerful buzz and get people interested from the start. Promo videos can also build excitement and get a high number of sign-ups. You can even include short interviews of relevant guest speakers, past attendee testimonials and compelling clips from previous past events to further build upon the overall digital experience. 

2. Engage non-attendees 

When it comes time to finally kick off your event, be sure to use the power of video to build digital marketing into the event itself. Use live streams to broadcast event highlights or the whole event. You can even shoot several videos during an event while recording live streams for later use. In doing so, you can reach people who aren’t attending the event in person and strengthen your digital presence. Remember, in-event video production for digital marketing is a surefire way to boost your digital marketing strategy and ultimately reach a wider audience.

3. Keep memories fresh 

Throughout the year, repurposing video clips of event highlights and customer reactions can help keep your event relevant and remind audiences of the enjoyable experience. A single event can supply four to six months of resources to post on social media, and you can use such videos throughout the year to refresh the memories of past attendees. You can use videos you shot during the event in email marketing, social media posts and blogs to promote your future events. As such, videos are also a great way to increase interest in future events. 

Videos can boost the performance of your event’s digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, videos are cost-effective for marketing your events in the digital space. Creating optimized videos for your subsequent events will be an unmatched component of your digital marketing strategy in terms of success. Use video marketing to inform people about your future arrangements, pique their interest, and ultimately get more attendees.