3 ways to reduce foot and ankle pain

Foot and ankle pain is very common, probably due to the enormous use we make of our feet.  You can feel the pain from the toes to the heels or in the ankle joint. There may be swelling, pain, and stiffness if the ankle joint is sprained or the toe joints are injured. The swelling and pain make it difficult to move the ankle joint freely or put weight on the foot. Let us give you three ways to reduce foot and ankle pain.

Apply some ice

Applying cold to the painful area relieves discomfort quickly. Put some ice cubes on a cloth and roll it up. Apply to the area of ​​pain for about 10 minutes pressing with your hand. Applying ice is fine, but in case of sharp toe pain, it can hurt so much that the simple contact with ice is unpleasant. Fill a container with ice and cold water and submerge the foot. If it hurts a lot, rest and ask your doctor if you can take an anti-inflammatory.

Elevate your foot

Inflammation or irritation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot causes tension, stiffness, a burning sensation, or pain. You may notice it especially in the morning or feel it suddenly after doing some strenuous activity. Lie down and place your feet on a cushion. It will help reduce swelling. Massaging the area daily improves the problem. Place one or two soft cushion under your heel while sleeping at night.

Do stretch every day for 10 minutes

This exercise reduces pain and strengthens the foot to prevent further wear and tear of the muscles and tendons. Stretching the ankles, calf, and Achilles tendon prevents acute ankle sprain. If the pain appears while doing some type of physical activity, the first thing to do is stop doing it and rests your foot. Massaging the area daily improves the problem. To reduce discomfort, it will help to wear wide footwear that reduces friction in the damaged area. Moving your foot on a golf or tennis ball for 5 minutes each day provides the stimulus your foot needs, and improves stability and mobility.


With 28 bones, 33 joints, around 100 ligaments and more than 40 muscles and tendons – the feet are a machinery as complex as it is delicate. Therefore, many factors can destabilize them. Make an appointment online at The Foot & Ankle Clinic, now. Let the professionals find out why and resolve the situation. Weight loss is another way to reduce foot and ankle pain.