3 Ways to Lower your Internet Bill

Are you struggling to squeeze in your internet bill in your monthly budget? If yes, you will probably learn a thing or three things from this article and finally break free from having a sky-high internet bill.

Buy your own modem and router

Most internet service providers (ISPs) not only charge you for data usage but also for the rent of the modem and router. ISPs usually charge a monthly bill of $15 or $180 per year for the rent of the gateway equipment alone. This means that renting for five years would cost you a sum of $900, which is way more than the total cost of the equipment.

Purchasing your own modem and router would only cost you around $250 in total. Sure, this requires you to pay a big chunk of money upfront, but you have to think about the even bigger sum of money you could save in the long run.

Some recommendations on what to purchase would be the Motorola MB8600, a cable modem that costs about $150, and the TP-Link Archer A9, a router which you could buy for less than $70. These products give you more control over your network, and they work just as well as any ISP-owned equipment.

Learn how to negotiate

You cannot negotiate if you do not have an issue to raise or leverage that you could hold against your current ISP. To find this leverage, the first thing you need is to research your other possible options. First, you need to look for ISPs that you could possibly switch to that offer faster speeds and lower prices.

Once you have listed down these better options, you can now reach out to your current ISP and share with them your list of better options that you would rather switch to. Your internet provider, which does not want to lose you as their customer, will then transfer you to a customer retention specialist. The main goal of this retention specialist is to dissuade you from switching to other ISPs and convince you that they have the best service by offering you free upgrades and discounts. A pro tip in these negotiations is to stand your ground for as long as you can and bide your time to enjoy even better offers and discounts.

Make the best out of introductory discounts

One tactic of most ISPs to attract new customers is to offer introductory discounts. This tactic is proven effective because who does not like discounts, right? Unfortunately, this generous offer of ISPs only lasts a couple of months, and the next thing you know, you are charged the full price with no incentive or whatsoever.

What if we tell you that there is a way for you to keep the ball in your court and take advantage of these welcome discounts? One thing that you could do is switch to a different ISP to qualify as a new customer and enjoy their introductory rates. If you are already listed as a customer yourself, you can bill the service under a different person in your household and enjoy the introductory promo for the second time. After the promo expires, you can again bill it under your name and enjoy the promo for the third time. You can repeat this cycle for as long as you want to enjoy the promo multiple times.

These strategies can be taxing as they require you to make changes from time to time, but they are definitely worth giving a shot if you really want to save up some money and lower your internet bill.