3 Ways to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience

Online gaming is a great pastime for millions of people. Online games can provide a competitive arena to test your skills, a social medium to meet new people and hang out with friends, or a brand-new world in which to immerse yourself and accomplish goals. With so many reasons to hop into an online game, it makes sense to want the best experience possible. Here are three ways to improve your online gaming experience.

Keep Your Information Safe

It is in the very nature of online games to interact with other players. The vast majority of people you will meet online are strangers. While most of these strangers will be harmless, it is nonetheless important to protect your accounts from bad actors. First, make sure the information you want to keep private is truly private. Check your account’s privacy settings to review what information is available to the public and what information is only known to you. Ensure that you have adequate network security to protect your IP address and connection with the game server. Finally, enable two-factor authentication on all your online accounts to increase your accounts’ overall security. These simple tricks will help you always stay safe online.

Upgrade Your Internet

Lag can destroy your online gaming experience by making the game virtually unplayable. As such, a low-latency, high-bandwidth internet connection is essential to having a great online experience. Fiber internet offers some of the best speeds and reliability that you can buy, however it is only available in certain geographic areas that have upgraded their internet infrastructure. If a fiber connection is not available in your area, a cable connection will still be great. Keep in mind that faster speeds will always be better for your online gaming experience, however, there will be a point of diminishing returns. Finding that point for yourself depends on how many people are using your internet connection at the same time, and what they’re doing on the internet. In most cases, you won’t need to pay for gigabit internet because a 100 Mbps download speed will be plenty.

Having fast internet is only half of the battle. It is also important to have a good connection from your network router to your computer or gaming console. The best option is always to use a wired connection directly from your router into your gaming machine. A wired connection, using an ethernet cable, will provide you with the full speed of your internet without any losses. Wi-Fi can be perfectly sufficient, but this depends on a few factors, namely your router’s antenna, your gaming device’s Wi-Fi chip, and the distance between your router and your gaming device. The antenna and the Wi-Fi chip are two sides of the same coin. Your router must have a powerful antenna to send out as powerful of a Wi-Fi signal as possible. Your gaming device must have a good Wi-Fi chip in order to receive as much of that wireless signal as possible. Distance and obstacles play a huge role in receiving good Wi-Fi. It is important to be as close to the router as possible to ensure as little signal loss as possible. The more walls, furniture, and other objects that the Wi-Fi signal must pass through to reach your device, the weaker the signal will be. A weak signal will result in a poor online experience. If you must use Wi-Fi and be distant from your router, a network extender may be a good option to consider. A network extender will essentially amplify the Wi-Fi signal on its way to your device, making it stronger and more reliable in the process. To have the best online experience possible, it is important to have the best internet connection possible.

Improve Your System Performance

Improved system performance will help in many different online games. For fast-paced, competitive games, improving your system performance will result in higher FPS, which gives you an edge against your opponents. In slower games that might not be competitive, such as RPGs, improving your system’s performance will produce a higher degree of detail in your world, boosting your immersion and enjoyment of the game.

There are many ways to improve performance. The most obvious solution is to upgrade the components inside of your system. This generally isn’t an option for console gamers, but it can be a gamechanger for PC players. If you’re on PC, upgrading your storage to an SSD will result in blazing fast loading times. Upgrading your GPU will result in greater gains in raw FPS output. Upgrading your CPU can help to ensure your GPU isn’t wasting performance due to a bottleneck in processing capability. Upgrading your RAM will result in snappier system performance overall and will allow you to run more applications at the same time. Upgrading the parts inside of your PC is a great way to see massive improvements in your online experience if you have the money to spend, but not all performance upgrades require a cash investment.

For console players and PC gamers on a budget, simply tweaking the video settings inside of your games can provide huge FPS gains. Turning down excess visual effects like shadows, raytracing, anti-aliasing, and graphic quality presets can significantly boost online game performance all without affecting your overall resolution. For some competitive titles, lowering graphics settings can have the added benefit of removing certain objects in games like grass and bushes that other players can hide inside, letting you spot them very easily. Of course, lowering your graphics settings will make your games less beautiful. It will be up to you to decide how you want to balance performance and visualizations.


From first-person shooters to massively multiplayer online role-playing games, there are online games that appeal to everyone. No matter what kind of game is being played, everyone wants to have the best experience possible while they play it. If you follow these three simple suggestions, you will be well on your way to owning noobs in no time.