3 Ways – Seaweed Fertilizer Recover Corn Lodging’ Loss

In the face of collapse, we can still do some necessary work to reduce losses.

1、 Dredge and drain the flooded land as soon as possible

After heavy rain, if there is ponding in the corn field, we should find a way to discharge it as soon as possible to reduce the field humidity and topdressing in time. After heavy rainfall and flood, soil fertility is taken away by rain. Topdressing can promote plant growth. Urea 0.5%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2% and seaweed extarct can be selected. After complete dissolution and mixing, the foliar spraying and topdressing can be carried out on a sunny day after rain. It needs to be sprayed twice continuously, with an interval of 7 days.

If the planting area is short, the loss of vegetables will be reduced in time.

2、 For lodging corn, classified management measures should be taken

1) For corn with light lodging (the included angle between stem and ground is greater than 45 °), it is generally unnecessary to take straightening measures to make it stand up naturally with growth. The corn fell down before booting and could not be moved or supported. It can fold naturally within 3 days after falling.

2)For serious lodging, especially creeping corn, manual straightening shall be carried out in time, and soil shall be cultivated at the root. As the first and second internodes of corn stem base are relatively fragile, it is necessary to prevent breaking and increasing root injury when straightening. The straightening method should be coordinated by two people, one straightening and one cultivating soil. The height of soil cultivation should be 7 ~ 8 cm. After soil cultivation, use your feet.

3)For corn with broken stems, the broken plants should be removed from the field as soon as possible to avoid decay and affect the normal plant growth. For plots with seriously broken stems, clean up the plots during farming and replant radish, cabbage and other vegetables with short growth period.

3、 Pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and pests

Corn is prone to diseases after lodging, such as corn leaf spot, brown spot and corn borer, which should be treated in time; Farmers can also cut off empty culms and diseased plants and spray liquid seaweed foliar fertilizer or potassium dihydrogen phosphate to improve ground temperature, ventilation and light transmission and accelerate grain maturity.

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