3 Warning Signs Your Building’s Air Ducts Need a Cleaning

The United States is home to over 5.9 million commercial buildings. If you are the owner of a commercial space, you probably spend lots of time maintaining the various systems in your building. While most business owners understand the importance of HVAC maintenance, many of them forget to get their air ducts cleaned.

Failing to provide your air ducts with the care they need can result in serious repair issues developing over time. Working with an experienced HVAC professional is crucial when trying to get your air ducts cleaned thoroughly. Most business owners don’t have the time or equipment needed to clean their air ducts, which is why paying professionals to help out is crucial.

The following are some signs you may notice when it is time to have the air ducts in your commercial building cleaned.

1. A Dirty Air Filter Can Be Problematic

As the owner of a commercial building, you will have to spend some time inspecting and maintaining the various parts of this structure. When performing inspections of your building, you need to focus your attention on the condition of your HVAC air filter. This filter is designed to remove dust, dirt and other allergens from the air that passes through your HVAC system.

If you find that this filter is clogged with dirt and dust, you need to replace it immediately. Once you have a new air filter in place, contact a commercial HVAC cleaning company to take a look at your air ducts. Clogged HVAC air filters are usually an indication that your ducts are clogged with dust and dirt.

Simply replacing your dirty air filter will not fix the issues you are dealing with. If your air ducts are not cleaned, your new air filter will be clogged in no time. Rather than overworking your unit due to a lack of airflow, you need to hire professionals to rid your ducts of debris.

2. Tons of Visible Dust Particles In The Air

Constantly breathing in dust and dirt can affect your respiratory system in a negative way. If you can see dust particles in the air when you turn on your commercial HVAC unit, it is time to schedule a professional cleaning.

If you and your employees are constantly dealing with respiratory ailments like colds or sinus infections, it is probably being caused by your dirt air vents. By removing these harmful allergens from your air ducts, you can instantly improve the indoor air quality in your building.

3. Issues Involving Uneven Air Flow

Does it seem like certain parts of your commercial building aren’t receiving the air produced by your HVAC unit? If so, having your air ducts cleaned by professionals is a wise move.

These uneven air flow issues are usually caused by clogged vents. The dirt and dust in your vents can prohibit air from passing through. Fixing this problem is only possible with the help of seasoned professionals.

Do Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

If you are noticing any of the signs mentioned in this article, it is time to get your air ducts cleaned. Before hiring a company to do this work, do some online research to assess their reputation and experience level.

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