3 useful tips to buy new tyres

If your tyres have worn out or the tread depth of your tyres is low, you may have thought about replacing them. The tyres market today is quite diverse. And, due to this variety, the chances of buying the wrong tyres or making silly mistakes are very high.

Today, we will share some useful tips with you to save you from making these mistakes.

Buy high-quality tyres

Low-quality tyres are cheap but you think logically about them they will seem much more expensive. Low-quality tyres have tread compound which is more prone to cuts and chips. And, some of these cuts are not repairable. This means that you will have to buy a tyre again. What’s more affordable buying tyres twice in five years or buying one pair of high-quality tyres once in five years?

Moreover, high-quality tyres have special tread which resists uneven wear and is more durable than other tyres. These tyres maintain optimal levels of traction in both dry and wet conditions and can prevent hydroplaning or skidding.

Be practical

You have to stay practical in life, especially when you are making a decision. We often make wrong decisions which regret later when we allow emotions to take over.

When it comes to buying tyres, many people are fascinated by the awesome looks, sharp tread patterns and thick rubber. Appearance can be a factor to consider but you need to know which features are important to you.

If you usually drive within the city and affordability is important for you, then buying a high-speed rating tyre which consumes a lot of fuel would be a stupid decision. You should go for a durable and fuel-efficient tyre.

If you own an SUV but you never go on rough trails and road comfort is important to you, then buying an all-terrain tyre is not a smart choice. SUV highway tyres are designed to provide comfortable road drives. All-terrain tyres have aggressive tread pattern because they have to maintain traction in uneven terrains and need a larger area to grip. This larger area makes noise on highways and roads and disrupts road comfort.

Many people buy all-terrain tyres hoping that someday they will drive on rough trails. But the day never comes and their on-road driving is experience. Later on, they regret buying all-terrain tyres.

The point we are trying to make is you need to stay practical and logical throughout your buying journey so you don’t end up buying a pair of tyre you never needed.

Don’t buy expensive tyres if you don’t need them

Buying cheap tyres is not a good decision. Similarly, buying too expensive tyres just to get have high-quality is not a good decision either.

If you have a high-performance vehicle, then there is nothing wrong in buying high-performance tyres or even ultra-high-performance tyres. However, if you own an ordinary SUV, then nothing good will come if you buy high-performance tyres.

Similarly, summer tyres are designed for hot weather conditions and for higher speed rating. If you never experienced any problem with all-season tyres then buying summer tyres just to experience the driving could be foolish. These tyres are expensive than all-season tyres. So, don’t push your budget until you really need expensive tyres.

Not knowing what they want

Many people don’t conduct any research before they buy tyres. They want the tyre dealer to explain everything to them. That’s foolish. Salespeople are clever. They will sell you the wrong tyre just to clear their stock. So, don’t expect the person at the tyre shop to provide you with all the relevant information.

For instance, there is a lot of variety in commercial light truck tyres.  Some tyres are designed for heavy hauling needs. Some tyres are designed for long highway routes. Some feature a versatile tread which allows the driver to drive on both highways and moderate off-road conditions.

So, before you make any decision, make sure you are equipped with all the knowledge and you know which tyre is perfect for you.