3 Useful Strategies for GMAT for Quantitative Section

Topics from algebra and geometry regularly feature in the quantitative section of GMAT. Even before starting to practice with each concept there in the subject, it helps to learn a few simple tips that will score better on the test day. Practicing them early on will surely save time. Using these strategies from Magoosh GMAT, you can perform well, and it’s undoubtedly better than cramming the formulas.

1-Be Careful

When you take the adaptive computer test, it good to be aware of a few patterns about the test. The questions at the start of the section carry more weight. It means that they will have more impact on your score. What does it mean for the average test-taker like you? Most of the aspirants appearing for the exam are not so confident in their math abilities. So, it is best to move quickly at the beginning of the math section. Move quickly through the easy questions but don’t hurry if you want to avoid careless mistakes. Any such mistake at the beginning of the section can seriously dent your score.

2-Answer the Question Precisely

Many questions require you to solve an unknown variable ‘X’. Then they will ask you to find the value x/4 or 5X or something similar. It is done to check your test-taking ability. Often, aspirants will read the question and start solving it by calculating the value of X quickly. However, in a hurry, they forget to calculate the final value that is asked and pick the incorrect option, which is the intermediate value X. Such a mistake can be avoided by clearly understand the directions in the question before rushing to answer it. The test takers use such tricks to check your attention level while taking the test.


The technique is also known as ballparking. It means thinking of mathematical figures vaguely in a common-sense manner. When the calculation is lot, it is easy to make mistakes. Moving a decimal point by a single digit can change the answer into a wrong choice even if you have done the calculations correctly. It is where ballparking helps. You can use the technique to weed out the wrong choices.


Such tips can easily be found in Magoosh GMAT material. If you could practice attentively, success will follow for sure. Don’t make careless mistakes and answer what is asked as the final value and not any intermediate value.