3 Unique Office Paper Products You’ve Never Thought Of

No one would ever accuse office supplies of being sexy. But there is still a range of unique office paper products that make coming to work a true joy.

If you’re looking for ways to wow your coworkers, check out these 3 cool office supply options for your workspace.

Antibacterial Products

COVID-19 has brought with it a wave of anxiety of germs. Research shows that pathogens can live on surfaces for days at a time.

Should you now wear shoulder-length gloves to the office? Fear not, germ evaders.

Antibacterial office products are here to save the day. Choose from products ranging from antibacterial Washi paper to an antimicrobial desk pad.

Antibacterial paper is a plus because it prevents the spread of germs via office documents that have to be circulated in person. These products might not solve all your pathogen problems, but they’ll at least keep you from stalking the return of disinfectant wipes in your local grocery store. 

Minimalist Products

We could all learn a lot from Japanese office products. The simplicity in their design often equals sustainability as we learn to be more modular in our space planning.

For example, the staple-free stapler is a prime option for reducing waste in the office. Losing the need for tiny staples in each document, your office can save money and the environment at the same dang time.

Besides the ability to brag to friends that you’ve recognized an inconvenient truth, minimalist office supplies look cool. Sometimes your desk needs those jealous onlookers to maintain it’s confidence while holding up your monthly reports.

Opt for a monochromatic color scheme in your minimalist office supplies to really wow your fellow coworkers. Think all silver or all white to bring a futuristic touch to your workspace.

Another trending option for office minimalism is function consolidation. This means you take one item and give it multiple uses.

For example, you might utilize a docking station that can act as a pencil caddy, post-it holder, and phone charging station. In a minimalist design, none of the items stack on top of one another giving it a sleek appearance. 

Pen-Style Scissors

Office paper products would be nothing without a strong, confident pair of scissors. The problem is that people have trouble leaving a good pair of scissors to live their best life.

Trick your resident scissors-thief with a pair of pen-style scissors. These scissors come in the shape of an ink pen and fit easily into a pencil cup holder. 

These scissors are great to have when traveling to and from meetings as they can be tucked in a purse or laptop bag with ease. Once you’ve used these tiny scissors, it’ll be hard to forget their convenience. 

Finding Cool Office Paper Products

Cool office paper products are easier to find online. Office supply stores are known for their utilitarian designs that leave most people dreading their hours at work.

Look for unique suppliers who take pride in curating useful, yet swaggy office paper products that bring happiness to workspaces everywhere. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.