3 Top Principles of Perfume Packaging Design

In modern life, people nowadays demand a better quality of life than ever before. To leave a memorable impression on others in jobs or personal life, both gentlemen and ladies are willing to deck themselves out by wearing perfume.

And due to different perfume favors for men and women, the perfume packaging will be put on diverse design elements in genders. In fact, no matter what kind of perfume it is, the packaging process always follows some similar principles. Now here at some related principles, and let’s talk about them.

1. Nature Reflection Reflecting the Essence

There are different natures in different perfumes. In other words, specifically it is the fragrance itself and the theme that the designer wants to convey. Many consumers initially are left an impression by reviewing the style and smell of the perfume through the perfume outfit packaging.

Therefore, the main task of the perfume packaging designer is to present the invisible aroma in front of people through visible packaging design; in this way, people can intuitively appreciate the charm of this perfume. For example, the Nina Ricci Apple Perfume, with a sweet and sour smell like an apple.

Its designer used a red-apple shape bottle vividly that fully expresses the subject of what type of perfume it is and indicates the sour and shy temperament of young girls with such a visual perfume packaging.

2. Brand Characteristics Reflection Reflecting the Characteristics of Brand

Every brand owns its unique cultural connotation and design style which are imprinted in its products. Correspondingly, the perfume design also embodies the characteristics of the brand, which not only strengthens the value of perfume but also plays a good role in brand promotion.

For example, when the AnnaSui brand launches new products, it will add magic colors to its product packaging. This elegant and luxurious packaging form can not only increase the artistic value of perfume products, but also enhance the brand value of AnnaSui perfume.

3. Outstanding and Attractive Appearance

Most consumers will establish an impression of perfume through the packaging to review the smell of this perfume and decide whether to learn more about the perfume. Therefore, a successful perfume packaging designer will finalize an outstanding perfume outfit design that can attract consumers on the basis of reflecting the nature of the perfume and the characteristics of the brand—for example, Chanel N°5 Eau de Toilette.

Although the perfume bottle design of it doesn’t highlight the nature of luxury and exaggeration, Chanel N°5 Eau de Toilette still brings the audience about an excellent wish for a unique ego through the establishment of a model named My Aesthetic Concept. When consumers learn about the perfume package design of Chanel N°5 Eau de Toilette, they also can find out the priority areas for perfume and their life longing.


In summary, there are four different perfume packaging styles on the market, including simple style, peculiar style, colorist style, and exaggerated style. And it always adheres to three major principles: nature reflection, brand Characteristics reflection, and outstanding and attractive appearance, they are the most important for perfume outfit design and also are a significant manifestation of perfume brand value and business value. 

If perfumers want to achieve higher marketing benefits, they must strictly follow these three major perfume appearance packaging principles with carrying out reforms and innovations in them, which fully reflects the nature and brand value of perfume.

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