3 Top All-In-One Marketing Platforms

Are you thinking about your content marketing strategy? Perhaps the pandemic has given you pause for thought and made you realize that this is the perfect time to make a lot of money with everybody sitting at home staring endlessly at their computer screens?

If so then you’ll probably want to know what the best all in one marketing platforms are for taking care of all of your content at once?

Here’s everything you need to know about all in one marketing platforms.

What Are All In One Marketing Platforms?

All in one marketing platforms are content programs that take care of everything from the creation of the content in written form to editing, distribution, publication, Search Engine Optimization, and its life after it’s been published.

The beauty of all in one platforms is that you can manage your content in one program instead of having to work with lots of different programs that might clash with each other. It would also require a lot of effort to keep track of what content was still in what program.

Buying separate programs for writing, editing, SEO and marketing can also be expensive whereas an all in one solution gives you the value of all these programs for one fixed price.

Here are some programs you might want to consider.

1. Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is a well-known email program. It allows you to design and edit amazing newsletters and then sent them out to a mailing list at exactly the right time and to exactly the right people.

The program has all kinds of special features. It can notify you when a customer has placed an item into a cart but has not checked it out yet. There’s a lot that can be done to get users to buy these items that Mail Chimp can tell you about. It’s great to ace those newsletters and avoid being deleted.

2. Story Chief

Story chief is another useful platform that uses a CMP system. This enables you to publish your stories across multiple channels at once.

You could write for Medium, Shopify, and even Mail Champ at the same time, adjusting the content for each of these platforms.

Another great feature about Story Cheif is that other users can collaborate with you in real-time; editing and writing can happen seamlessly, without the need to send around endless email attachments.

3. Scribble Live

Scribble live is all about the journey that the consumer goes on. You can track them from their first click on your page to the sale of your product from an external link in the body copy.

You can also create videos that you can share on multiple channels all at once. Another great feature of this handy program is its analytics that gives you a detailed insight into how many sales your content has generated.

Kartra is a similar program that also contains a sales funnel. Check out Kartra pricing here.

Best All in One Marketing Platforms: Depends on Your Needs

The best all in one marketing platforms you can buy depends on you. If you are interested in analytics and seeing your customer’s journey then Scribble Live might be for you.

If however, you are more focused on an email campaign then Mail Champ is the client for you.

Interested in learning more about the best all in one marketing platforms? Be sure to check out the rest of our site.