3 Tools Your Nonprofit Needs during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc across the world. The deadly disease has forced us into lockdowns and adopt physical distancing protocols as we wait for vaccines.

Businesses worldwide have suffered as disposable incomes have dwindled. Nonprofit organizations have felt the most pain as they have been forced to end campaigns to observe shelter-in-place orders with donations already decreasing. In addition, governments have also slashed funding for many nonprofit organizations.

To make matters worse, ransomware and other malware attacks against charities have spiked. It’s easy to feel dismayed, but with the right technology, your nonprofit can improvise, adapt, find efficiencies, and learn fresh ways to motivate donors and generate revenue. Here are some essential tools that your nonprofit needs during the pandemic.

#1 Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Software for non profits is an excellent tool to organize all your data and help you manage your relationships with donors and other key members. For a cost-effective yet robust and highly intuitive option, look up the CRM software by Sumac.

The base version of their CRM is free of charge for organizations that meet the criteria. And unlike other free versions of CRM software, their base CRM is quite robust and helpful. Of course, you can scale up the CRM with add-ons that are reasonably priced and quite powerful.

At a time when cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated, it’s also a good idea to pick a secure CRM to keep your sensitive donor data safe. A cloud-based CRM that’s PA-DSS certified with databases on the world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure is a good option.

#2 Fundraising Thermometer

If your organization is facing challenges generating revenue, consider using a free customizable fundraising thermometer to stimulate your fundraising teams, donors, and volunteers. A fundraising thermometer provides a visual representation of your growing funds and encourages people to donate further towards your goal.

You can use your thermometer internally, on your platform, or during live events. Of course, this tool is more suitable for short campaigns that take place on specific days or during certain events. You don’t have to use the thermometer for year-long campaigns because it may not be as effective.

#3 Cybersecurity Tools

Threat actors are hitting charities and other nonprofits with malicious software like spyware and ransomware. Spyware quietly records confidential information such as names, passwords, addresses, credit card information, bank details for hackers. Meanwhile, ransomware simply hijacks an organization’s entire system until money is paid through an untraceable medium. Unfortunately, payment is never a guarantee that the threats will end. Many charities report that they’re targeted repeatedly after paying the authors of cyberattacks.

To combat such attacks, your organization needs cybersecurity tools that are proactive and use anti-malware technology. It’s a good idea to use such technology on all computers, including devices and laptops uses by remote working staff to keep everyone secure.

These are three essential tools for your organization during the pandemic. Enhance your productivity with good CRM software for nonprofits, improve your revenue generation with a fundraising thermometer, and protect your organization with cybersecurity tools.