3 Tips To Manage Anxiety & Stress During Covid-19!

Covid-19, a pandemic is affecting the whole world. Looking back to history, there are very few times when an invisible thing caused havoc across the globe. While nobody knows the exact reason behind this virus, people are trying every bit to overcome this as soon as possible. The hard reality still remains that this present uncertainty has demolished every individual’s future plans. A virus that was completely unknown to us is now the most discussed thing as well as the biggest matter of concern today. 

Unfortunately, lives have taken a U-turn for every individual. All of a sudden, there is so much distress, panic, agony, and negative vibes around us. At the same time, anxiety and stress are also growing, especially among working employees. Hence, other than the everyday routine of following good hygiene practices and sanitizing, one should also take care of their emotional state of mind. That means we should know how to manage stress levels and build a strong immune system to combat this battle effectively. Cutting down stress levels not only helps every working individual to fight this virus positively but also to be productive at their professional front. 

Every HR manager/employer should consider the following tips to help their employees to manage stress during this difficult time.

Practicing Yoga 

Since ancient times, yoga has been considered exceptionally beneficial for health. Hence, ask/allow your employees to devote time to yoga. Managers can even schedule a time where everyone can do it together. This way, employees will feel positive and fresh during this crucial time. Once they have negativity out of their system, they will surely be their most productive selves throughout. And still, if they feel workload, it is the duty of a manager to consider their issue and help them. For instance, many organizations have already relied on various HRIS software to help their workforce. 


For people who don’t consider yoga, they can motivate their workforce to exercise. Even a 5-minute workout can help a person to acquire positive mental and physical results.  There are a number of easy to do home workouts available on YouTube. Just pick one of the easiest workouts for your workforce and schedule a fixed time in the morning. This will help an employee to start their days on a healthy and positive note.

Good Sleep 

Undeniably, businesses are greatly affected right now. But that doesn’t mean one should put a heavy workload on employees. Remember, employees should put their best foot forward at this time and that is only possible when they are healthy, both mentally and physically. A manager should ensure that work is not disturbing the sleep cycle of any employee. Keep in mind, good sleep can help an employee to recover the emotional rollercoaster, which many are actually experiencing at this time. With the use of HRIS software that allow direct chats, a manager also should ask employees whether they have a good work-life balance or not. This way, they will also feel cared. 

Bottom Line!!

No one is clear when this pandemic will calm down but let’s not get engulfed in stress and anxiety. We all know that difficult times always lead to new opportunities. Consider the aforementioned tips to ensure that this crisis time is not fading out any one’s happiness. Also, search “HR and payroll software” and buy the best HRIS software for your company to make things easier for everyone.