3 Tips to Help Your Business Save Big on Electricity Costs

Saving money on electricity in your business can be a wise move financially. It also will help employees become more conscious of their usage. Small changes to the ways employees use electricity can be simple and effective. Adopting alternative energy solutions like solar power, making employees aware of their habits and reducing unnecessary usage are all great ways to start saving big on your power bill. Reducing energy costs can also positively affect your personal or business insurance as well. Here are a few tips that can help you save money on your company’s electric bills.

Get Smarter About Usage

It is easier to conserve energy once your company and employees become more aware of energy usage. Simple habits, like turning out lights when they are not in use, are easy to implement. Using energy-efficient light bulbs, tapping into natural lighting, programming thermostats and surge protectors that curb “phantom power” usage, are all great ways to get smarter about how energy is used in your business.

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Alternative Power

Using alternative sources of energy can help save money. It is also good for the environment. Google is a well-known company that uses a variety of alternative and unique sources of energy to power its facilities and also cut down on its carbon footprint. 30% of Google’s electrical consumption is handled by solar-powered canopies. This is just one of many ways to improve energy consumption. Providing employees with bicycles and designing buildings to use passive natural light are some other methods to reduce energy consumption.

Reduce Peak Demand

A great way to save electricity in your business office is to reduce your peak demand. “Peak demand” simply refers to the busiest hours in a workday when the usage of power is at its highest. The common normal office hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is when the most demand for energy happens. Practices and habits that can help reduce the power load during this peak time will help save on energy costs. Running heavy equipment and machines during non-peak hours like in the evening and early morning will help save on energy bills.

When you make it company policy to conserve energy, it is easy to implement a strategy that employees can follow. Using alternative energy sources and general awareness of energy usage in your business can wind up saving a surprising amount of money. It makes sense financially and often can be healthy for employees in some cases when smarter energy conservation measures are put in place.Keeping electricity costs down is just one thing you need to do in order to run a successful business. You should also have business insurance to cover your liabilities. Get a quote from us today for your business insurance needs!