3 tips on how your business can gain more customers

There is not a business on the planet that will say that they think their order book is full enough, so don’t let anyone else buy another thing that calendar month – The fact is, every business wants more customers. The more customers there are, the more money is coming through the door, and the more stable the business becomes.

Use social media correctly

Social media is becoming a very powerful tool for any business to use when enlarging their customer base. It is, however, important that you use this tool to its best advantage rather than just placing an advert and hoping that potential customers will come flocking to your door, as they probably won’t, and it’s likely to cost you a fortune.

You have to make your posts interesting or educational. For instance, a video of a person cooking or upcycling a table will undoubtedly get viewers to stop and watch the video till the end, whereas an advert can generally be spotted as that straight away (or at least within the first few seconds) and will more than likely be skipped over and pretty much ignored unless the viewer is already interested in the products being shown.

So, you’ll probably have to think about what your business can showcase in a video that will make potential customers stop and watch. Remember to add your web address in a link to your website at the end with your business name so that your business will be remembered or even clicked through to at the end of the sequence.

Take a more direct route

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take a more direct route to make your potential customers aware of your business and what you can offer them by way of products or services. You may not be able to contact the everyday person off the cuff without having their prior consent to do so, but you can hire the help of professional businesses such as gsa-marketing.co.uk, who may be able to help with this and target the right people for you. Businesses like GSA offer lead generation services so that your customer base will be able to expand and your business grow.

Offer discounts to those customers that recommend your business

It is important that you look after your existing customers, and you can do this in a two-way fold that will also have major benefits for your business and your customer base expansion. You can offer discounts to new customers to entice them into your sales funnel, and this is all well and good. However, what you want is for your existing customers to also get a discount and preferably a big fat juicy one when they recommend your business to a potential customer who then places an order.

Obviously, this is a scenario that will grow and grow. The more new customers your existing customers’ influence to buy from your business, the greater number of orders they get discounted, and the more new customers you will get, all following the same route.