3 Tips for finding the best dentist in your area

“Health is wealth” as the popular saying goes.  Many people don’t realize the importance of having healthy teeth until they run into dental problems.  Dr. Peter Mann is considered one of the top NYC cosmetic dentist.  He has over a dozen years of experience of running a modern dental practice in midtown Manhattan.  Dr. Peter Mann let’s his patients know that “prevention is the best medicine.  By visiting your favorite dental office twice a year most dental problems can be avoided.  

Tips for finding your new ideal dental office click here.

1.      1. Ask your friends and co-workers

 Everyone needs a good dentist.  Talk to your co-workers, they likely have the same dental insurance plan.  They may have already done the leg work to find out which dentist works with your insurance.  Your ideal dental office will work to minimize your out of pocket expenses and maximize the dental insurance benefits.   Ask your friends pertinent questions:  Is the dentist gentle? Does he/she have a good bedside manner?  How’s the quality of the dental work that he performed? 

 2.   2. Check the Dentist’s website

It’s important to know that the dentist is available during the hours that are convenient for you.  Does this dentist offer lunch hour appointments, or evening and weekend appointments?  Many dentists will also post their before and after photos of the dental work they performed.  Check the web site to see which services the dentist offers.   If you’re missing  a tooth, you may need a dentist who offers dental implants as a service.   Maybe you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth with Invisalign.  The dentist who is expert in using Invisalign would usually have a page or two on the topic in their site.  You may find the dentist listing the modern dental technologies that the office offers such as digital x-rays, the Dental Vibe for a painless dental injections, etc…

 3.  .   3. Check their Online Reviews.

   To confirm that your dentist pleased most of their clients, check their reviews on Google. Does the dentist have a 4.7 rating on Google or higher?  This is important as pleased patients love to share their experience.   You want to feel comfortable knowing that most clients were very pleased with the service they received.

   Smile Arts of NY is considered one of the best dental office in NYC.  With a Google rating of 4.9 most patients find their experience extremely satisfactory. 

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