3 Tips and Tricks to Help You Write the Best Personal Statement for College Admission

When your college admission is underway, you need to write a persuasive personal statement. It is the most crucial, stressful, and confusing aspect when it comes to your college application process. Fret not. There are many ways you can write a killer personal statement to help you with your admission.

According to an article published on Medium.com, you need to be open-minded when choosing the essay subject for your college application. Avoid guessing what the admission authorities are looking for in the essay. Write about something that helped you learn an essential lesson. Here are three useful tips to help you write the best personal statement for your college admission:

  1. Say something about yourself

For highlighting some skill or hobby, students end up writing something redundant and write a lengthy essay repeating the things already mentioned in the application. If you love stamp collecting, do not write an essay about it because the college authorities already know about this hobby. Choose something that reveals the unique side of yours. For example, you can write an essay about how a mentor helped to realize your education goals or how counseling had an effect on your education.

You can also write about an incident in your life that made you the person you are today. Include something that adds some dimension to your college application.

  1. Choose tone, words, and essay voice carefully

When you write an essay, make sure it sounds like that you have written it and not anyone else. Therefore, do not include fancy words, complex sentences, difficult words, or lofty tones. Keep the language and vocabulary simple when it comes to the content of your essay.

Write the way you speak, fluent, and using correct grammar and syntax. Make the sentences easy to read and understand. You can visit sites like My PA Resource to go through a couple of samples to figure out how a personal statement is written.

Improve your writing skills and ensure that the personal statement demonstrates your writing skills. Take your time to write the essay and do not rush into the process. Ensure your essay communicates your voice and story.

Do not use redundant words, filler sentences, or make the language too complex to fathom, muddling the primary message.

  1. Practice writing to make it perfect

Naturally, the first draft will not look perfect. Fret not. You need to practice to improve your writing. Practice writing whether it is a blog, journal, or diary to improve your writing so that your personal statement has content that reads well.

While writing the draft, practice, revise, and revise again to make it perfect. You may need 4-5 drafts before you write the best personal statement that shows your best writing, thus conveying the message precisely. It will take some of your time and therefore, do not just write for the sake of it. Remember practice makes a person perfect.


Now that you have these tips handy, focus on them so that you can write a convincing personal statement for your college admission. Be what you are and write what you think and not what your college will think.