3 Things to Know Before Buying a Laptop for College

If you are a college student, then it would be difficult to select the perfect laptop. What is the worth you (or most likely, your parents) be planning to spend? What processor is needed?

Don’t worry: Despite hundreds of choices, selecting the right laptop for college is easy if you follow some simple guidelines we mentioned above. If you don’t want to be a hassle then visit Best Laptop for Students for the best laptops which are perfect for you.

1. Screen size is important.

Screen size is another important aspect to consider, not just because of obvious reasons however, it also determines the overall weight and size of the laptop.

Anything that is larger than 15 inches isn’t going to fit (or in any way) in the backpack. If it’s smaller than say 13.3 inches, then it may cause discomfort if it’s too small. Whichever size you choose make sure you note how much weight is put on the device. Anything that is heavier than 5-6 pounds could be uncomfortable to carry around campus for hours.

I believe that a 13-inch screen is a perfect size for ease of use and mobility. It’s the case with models such as the HP Specter Series, which weighs only 2.9 pounds and is roughly half an inch thick.

2. Keyboard or tablet which one you’d like

Maybe, however, you should ask yourself what’s the most important value? A majority of students use an electronic keyboard to take notes or write assignments and other assignments, so do you require one that is removable? Are you going to ever make use of the screen on its own, particularly in the case of a huge and heavy screen like 13-15 inches? 

Many students are attracted to Surface Pro Series, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Which is 12 inches however, I’m not fond of it. A detachable keyboard is just one more item to be charged and is yet another thing to be lost or left at the door of your dorm. To begin, Microsoft continues to charge extra for its keyboard instead of simply bundling it.

The tablet is priced at $900, while the keyboard is an additional $129. I don’t believe that the tablet is worth it that for the same price you could get a 13-inch notebook or convertible. The Surface’s rear-hinged design has created a problem when you use it on your lap. it could also be an unsuitable fit for those tiny auditorium desks.

Similar to the way, Apple has tried to transform iPads into laptops however, I believe this is a mistake to make a hybrid. If you choose the 9 or 10-inch iPad, you’ll have an iPad that’s too cramped to be comfortable. (And If you choose to add keyboard cover and keyboard cover, you’re bound to have an uncomfortable experience.) A larger screen iPad solves those issues and maybe you will think it’s wonderful but you’re now facing a larger price tag as well as a device that’s too big to be used as a tablet. Similar issues with small desks and laps like the Surface as well.

I’m not saying that a keyboard-tablet combination won’t work for some pupils, but I believe that a convertible option makes more sense and provides you with a lot more options for buying.

3. Don’t be concerned about storage

In the past, the norm for buying computers — or any computer was “buy the biggest hard drive you could afford.” Today, it’s recommended to prioritize the speed of your computer over its size. This means avoiding the 1TB standard hard drive for smaller capacity solid-state drives (SSD) which can let even laptops with lower capacities operate at a much faster rate while aiding in prolonging battery life. (SSDs haven’t moved disk and thus require less energy.)

Okay, However, can you manage with, for instance, 256GB and even 512GB? This is what you’ll see in many laptops that are more affordable models. (A Chromebook might have even lower.) However, remember that we live in a cloud-powered age and most students download their music and movies via services such as Spotify and Netflix which means they don’t require much space for local media. Papers (such as school documents) take up less space and most likely will be kept in Google Drive or Office Online regardless.


In this article, I have presented you with some facts about laptops for college students. I have also mentioned some of their best features and what are the main areas to consider before buying a laptop. Hope this article will be helpful for all those students who are searching for the most affordable and best laptop for use in college with great performance. Check out pickcheaplaptops.com for more details about computers.