3 Things to Know About Mobile Screen Repairing

A smartphone is an integral part of our lives, and it is challenging to handle daily chores without them. Almost every user relies on it, and that’s why there is a screen problem they face a lot of challenges. Before you go for mobile screen repair Delhi, here are vital things to know:

1# Warranty Is unaffected if the OEM does repairs

Most buyers often live under the misconception that if the mobile screen is broken screen is fixed, the phone warranty will become void. It is usually not the case as repairs would not affect the warranty of the phone at all if the repair were done by the original equipment manufacturer itself. However, if the damage is not covered with warranty or when you get if fixed by unauthorised technicians outside, it will get affected.

2# Cracked Screen Repair Would Cost You a Lot

It is crucial to have an idea of repair costs. In some cases, the repair costs so much that it might be a better idea to buy a new phone. Hence, it is essential to find the mobile repair charges before giving the phone for the repair.

3# Data Could Be Lost During the Repair

It would help if you did not give the phone for repair with information intact. Even if the mobile repair service provider is highly trusted, ensure that the passwords and other similarly sensitive data are removed. You should connect the phone to the computer and take a back-up all the data and then reset the phone before giving it for repair. It would prevent the loss or any misuse of sensitive data from the phone.

Before taking the phone to the repair shop, you should know that you can’t repair the mobile screen. The cracked screen has to be replaced so don’t pay attention to the various internet hacks that are there on the internet. Trying them on the phone could cause even more damage.

Even if the phone is working after the screen is cracked, there is no guarantee when the screen would go completely off. Hence, when the phone is damaged, it is best to back-up the data on another data storage device like portable hard-disk and the PC itself.


Before you go for mobile screen repair Delhi, it makes sense to take its service centre run by the original equipment manufacturer.