3 Things to Know About Arizona Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal instrument. Using this, you can enter into an agreement with someone trusted and authorize him to make decisions on the financials, healthcare, or childcare on your behalf if you become incapacitated or absent. In legal terms, you are the ‘Principal’ who will handover the power and the recipient will be the ‘Agent’. You need to decide whether the agent can decide on every matter concerned. Else, you can also limit the powers to certain kinds of transactions only. Do you want that the agent starts to act as soon as the document is signed? Well, make the Power of Attorney springing while filling power of attorney form Arizona. It means that even if you have signed the Power of Attorney today, the agent will act only when you are incapacitated or can’t decide.

1 – Signing Durable Power of Attorney

Healthcare situations can be challenging, and you might not be in the position to decide the best course of action. For instance, would you like the doctors to try life-support measure to keep you alive? Who will decide whether you should be fed with tubes in an extreme situation? Situations like these can be handled by appointing an agent and giving the powers to make the healthcare decisions as per the wishes mentioned in the Power of Attorney. Durable Power of Attorney is a document that has healthcare directives. It contains the wishes that should be acted upon the agent when you are unable to do so. As the document bestows huge responsibility on the agent, you need to make sure that the agent fully understands the wishes mentioned in the Power of Attorney. However, to make the document legally valid, get it signed with one more person before the notary public.

2 – Enforcement, Revocation and Validity

The power of attorney document should be prepared and signed by an individual who is considered an adult as per the laws of Arizona. The Power of Attorney document should be in writing and must be signed and dated as well. It should be clear from reading the document that you are willing to create healthcare Power of Attorney. When you are preparing the document, make sure that there is another adult present else sign it in front of the notary public. The laws for witness are clear. They should not be related to the principal whether through the marriage, adoption or marriage. The witness should not be entitled to the principal’s estate.

There are circumstances when you need to revoke the powers given to the agent. If you want to disqualify the health directives given to the agent, use a written revocation notice. The revocation can also be done verbally through the healthcare provider, or you can even use a surrogate. If the health situations demand creating a new directive, you can go ahead with the new one, and the last directive will be cancelled. You can also revoke healthcare by showing other actions.

For validity, the DPOA has to follow the laws of the state of Arizona. A valid Power of Attorney document is adopted, and the healthcare directives are implemented. The healthcare provider who is acting in good faith and as per the healthcare directives of the agent will get the immunity from any legal actions.

3 – Special Conditions

A General Power of Attorney will not work if you delegate personal responsibilities, make or revoke the Living Will, or enter into a marriage contract or initiate a divorce. In such cases, you must go for special Power of Attorney which has the signature of the principal that is dated.

Create it now!

Now that you fully understand how to a healthcare Power of Attorney, and how can it be revoked, you can create one at any legal forms site online by filling power of attorney form Arizona.