3 Things That You Should Consider When Selecting a Convection Oven

Ovens are a focal point for any kitchen, and selecting a convection oven for your needs can seem like a high hurricane task. Commercial Ovens have paved their way into highly reputable and famous restaurant kitchens worldwide and have undergone numerous innovations in just a short time. But to get the right one among the numerous new functions best suitable can be a brain clogging moment. To ease your workload and improve your commercial kitchen efficiency with the right hospitality supplies, we will help define the right convection oven for your use.

Here we will give a glimpse of the difference between convection and conventional ovens while selecting one. We will also explore the benefits and check the features to make purchasing a new convection one and running a commercial kitchen.

If you are making a purchase, especially as a true investment, then our comprehensive buyer’s guide will help you select and assess factors suitable for your needs.

  1. Check and Differentiate Between Convection and Standard Radiant Ovens

Radiant ovens or called standard traditional ovens have heating elements usually placed at the bottom of the oven that helps the food to cook in the fastest amount of time. It simply heats up and surrounds the food with static heat. But the main problem with this is that it doesn’t comprise any options to keep a check on time or temperature. This approach can cause the hot air to cook the food unevenly and even burn.

In contrast, a convection oven has a distinct advantage as it uses a fan and exhaust system to get crispier, juicier, and all-around tastier food. It evenly distributes the hot air throughout the oven, thus making it easier to place the food anywhere and get the potential to cook faster. Convection ovens also come with time and temperature adjustment features that make them ideal for multi-rack cooking. Like a commercial coffee machine, one should install a convection oven to get precise cooking for your commercial kitchen business.

  1. Check and Differentiate Between Gas versus Electric

Convection ovens come in two forms one has a gas heating system while the other works on electricity. When buying any commercial oven, please go with an electric one as it is quite efficient compared to the gas.

Using a gas convection oven, you get to control which temperature to cook, but its heating process produces moisture as a by-product. It has always been exceptional for baking purposes and has been a part of restaurants for a long time, and is making its way to every commercial kitchen like a commercial upright freezer. Gas convection ovens have a myriad of benefits like it even has a shorter preheat time than the electric one and even cool down quickly when you turn them off. The kitchen equipment is quite inexpensive with low maintenance.

With a fast-heating process with just a single press of a button, these electric convection ovens are certainly reliable and especially easy for home cooking. With a smaller variance in temperature fluctuations, the electric oven can produce the right texture without the extra moisture. Switch to electric ovens that are easy to use and save yourself from the smell of gas.

  1. Check and Differentiate Between Floor versus Countertop

Floor convection ovens are popular, easy to find, and easy to move kitchen equipment. Usually available in full and half-size options, these units are made to be stackable without taking up more of the floor space. These freestanding convection ovens allow you to double your production to load full-size sheet pans front to back.

In most commercial kitchens, you get to see countertop convection ovens as they are smaller and hold less product. It is space-efficient as it fits in between other appliances and countertops and places where space is constricted, such as convenience stores and offsite catering sites; they prove to be a perfect choice. Above that, they are easy to transport and install if you have a designated spot, or else you will run into problems whilst fitting it.


The efficiency in a commercial convection oven is numerous, and it has an infinite number of options to facilitate. It allows busy commercial kitchens to supply more food products in a shorter period. With all the things mentioned above, we hope you may have got a clear idea about convection ovens. This aspect may help you in deciding to choose ovens for your commercial kitchen. So, whenever you reach a crossroad, check for the most common and widely used features that can reduce your cooking time by a significant fraction and lend tastier dishes to your customers. Considering all these advantages to serving good food right away, you can reduce your search and buy the best one for your cooking environment.


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