3 Surefire Ways to Ensure Your Tarot Card Reader is Real

  1. They don’t fish for information

You can identify the legitimacy of your tarot card reader based on the number of questions asked. Illegitimate card readers will usually pose a lot of questions, usually about personal information, which they thereafter use to make a “reading”. At a tarot card reading, you should be the one asking the questions, and the card reader should be giving you answers based on the readings they gather. Whenever you find a tarot card reader uncharacteristically interested in finding out more information from you, then predicting your future based on this data, then they may be a quack taking advantage of their client’s ignorance. While it may be possible that the tarot card reader will ask you questions that will help with the reading, a legitimate one will not fish for too much information, rather going off of the information provided. They will also seek to give you a comfortable environment, giving you a chance to ask all pressing questions you may have, and effectively give responses. 

Additionally, a genuine tarot card reader will seek to provide answers as quickly as possible, eliminating any anxiety their clients may have. Usually, tarot readings get charged proportionally to the amount of time consumed. Therefore, a legitimate reader will seek to give you great value for money, concluding the session as quickly as possible while also giving you all the answers sought. Quack tarot readers are profiteers who seek to milk as much time as possible from their clients, even going as far as giving inaccurate readings so that these clients can return for follow-up sessions. Look out for time management in your next tarot card reading to identify whether you are working with a legitimate reader or a fraud.

  1. Their expertise and client reviews

Additionally, a legitimate tarot card reader will display mastery of the tarot cards. Tarot cards come in a pack of 78 cards, all with different interpretations. You can identify a legitimate tarot card reader based on their ease to translate each card, giving clear-cut differences regarding what each card drawn means for your life. With the increasing use of online tarot readings, it has become more difficult to identify a reader’s legitimacy based on their card interpretations, as would be achievable with a face-to-face session. In a face-to-face session, you can quickly pick up cues based on the tarot reader’s hesitation or facial expressions whenever they pick up a card. However, even with digital readings, client reviews regarding different tarot card readers can offer clarity regarding their expertise and legitimacy. Most tarot card reading sites display client reviews on their site, from which prospective clients can check their accuracy. 

Ensure that you check out as many reviews as possible, from both satisfied and unsatisfied clients, to identify whether your potential tarot card reader is worth your hard-earned money and whether they can answer your queries. With online tarot readings, avoid automated readings, as these do not offer a personalized answer for each individual. These automated readings tend to elicit mixed feelings from clients, with some satisfied while others remain unsettled. Seek out a personal reading instead, where you can interact with a tarot card reader in your private session. Here, you can get a reading specific to your situation, eliminating any doubt. With a legitimate tarot reader, you will even get a more dissected message, giving you an in-depth understanding of the readings given. A genuine tarot card reader will ensure that their client does not leave the session with any unanswered questions, and does not seek to intimidate but give a fulfilling ending to the reading. At the end of the reading, a genuine tarot reader should have provided a solution and not created more anxiety.

  1. Their Code of Ethics

In some cases, tarot card readers may advertise their trade by utilizing scare tactics. It is not unusual to find notices such as “find out if you’re cursed” or, “why your life will slowly self-destruct.” Such kinds of tactics get utilized by illegitimate tarot card readers to try and drum up interest from scared clients, whom the readers seek to manipulate as much as possible for their benefit. However, legitimate tarot card readers will not use such tactics to find clients. Usually, they will just advertise their businesses, listing their points of expertise and then leaving the clients to validate this through a session. Usually, when you visit such tarot readers, you will often find that they know what they are talking about, and you will benefit from the visit where they will leave you satisfied without resulting in extreme methods. Genuine tarot card readers avoid these unethical scare tactics and instead leave all eventualities to the clients. Their purpose in the reading process is only to translate what the cards mean for the client, and to offer any answers put forth during their sessions. A good reader will offer the client an understanding of their past, present, and future, laying out that they have the power to guide the rest of their lives.