3 Steps to Take After Locking Yourself Out of Your House

You may have just returned home from work and after rummaging for your keys, you realize they are nowhere in sight. You, then check your windows and doors, but realize that they are locked. The reality of being locked out of your home then hits you hard. You become frustrated, especially, since it happened, at the most inconvenient time. Don’t worry, it has happened to most of us, at some point in our lives. 


Check for a Spare Key


Many people make copies of their keys and give them out, in case of an emergency. Check to see if your spouse, partner, or roommate has a spare key. At some point, you may have even given a neighbor a spare key, while you were on vacation, to feed your dogs. You may have even given them a key, in case of an emergency.


Check with family members, to see if you had given them a spare key. If so, see if they are willing to meet you. If no one has a spare key, check to see if you hid an extra key on the outside of your home, in case this type of situation occurred. Stay calm and think about where you may have hidden the keys. You may have hidden them under a doormat, underneath a rock, or in your garage. If you are renting your property, contact the rental office or your landlord.


Double Check Other Entryways


Maybe there is a chance that the side door, window, or back door was left open. If they were not left open, please don’t try breaking your window to enter your home. You could potentially harm yourself. Plus, the repairs could possibly be very expensive. Instead, only enter, if it is open from the outside. However, be sure to keep in mind that your doors and windows should always be locked, for security purposes. Another option is to use a screwdriver to remove door knobs off your doors, to gain entrance. If you don’t have access to a screwdriver, borrow one from your neighbor. You should be able to successfully remove the doorknob with a screwdriver.


If you have a door without a deadbolt, try using a credit card to unlock the door. Just slide it between the door and frame. Then, bend the credit card towards the door frame. Be sure to change your locks, once you regain entrance. Another option is to enter through the doggie door, if one is available at your back door. Just squeeze through the door and you will be back in.


Contact a Locksmith

If none of the above situations work, you should contact a locksmith. It is the safest and most convenient way to regain entrance into your home. The cost of services provided varies, depending on the type of lock and your location. You may also be charged an extra fee, for an emergency call. Finally, be sure the locksmith specializes in unlocking house doors.