3 Simple Ways to Earn from Blogging

Have a passion that you would love to share? Or even need some extra money? Or maybe you love to write? All of these are great reasons to want to start blogging. Some may not believe it, or some may, but not know how, but you can earn money from blogging. We’re going to go through three simple ways that you can start to earn money from blogging.

Choose the Right Topic

When it comes to blogging, especially trying to start earning from the blog, it’s inevitable that you will be putting a lot of time into it. Because of this, you want to ensure you’re choosing the right topic. For starters no one wants to write endlessly about something that they’re not even interested in. That’s had to keep up the motivation to want to continue or to want to keep putting in the work. If you’re not passionate about it then that natural push won’t be there.

 Another important concept is that you’re writing about this topic so you want to ensure you’re well versed on the topic. For your blog to be as successful as it can be, your articles need to be top quality and part of that is writing and knowing what you’re saying. If you chose a topic that you don’t know anything about then your articles will lack the essential information that’s important to making them great. Today with Jay has a goal, a similar drive in each of the blogs and that’s what keeps it driven within the blog and will continue to push.

 Create Your Own Website

Though this may seem like a common sense step it is super important. Creating your own space, your own webpage, your own domain, is essential. When you’re trying to earn off of your blog you want to ensure you’ve created that wholesome feel when it comes to your blog. Specifically your domain name, having your own will give a more professional feel from the start. You can create a free website on places likeWordPress.com, however you don’t get the chance to create your own domain. For a small cost of $10-$20 a year, you can have your own website and have more freedom in its details than you would with a word press website.

 Another important thing to consider is the future of your blog. When it starts to take off, a free hosting option doesn’t include much bandwidth or even storage. If your blog continues to grow then you don’t want to have a website that limits the amount of traffic allowed. If you create your own website, you can go with shared hosting which allows you more “room” or space to allow growth. This comes with a small fee anywhere from $1 to $10 a month. A small fee for a promising outcome.

 An important tip to remember as well is you want to start out expecting growth. It may seem like a bad idea to start paying for a website that has almost no traffic. However, if you decide to start out with a word press website and it does grow, then changing domain and creating a new website can burden your growth. People might not know you switch sites. You could lose a large portion of your following which will make you feel as though you’ve started all over again. Because of this we suggest starting out with your own website.

  Build a Social Media Presence

There’s more work that needs to go in other than just your blog website. You should put just as much effort into your social media. Sometimes, this is what people see first. You can and should use your social media to help push your blog and drive it to success. Some people may read your blog solely because they find you on Twitter and thought your tweets were interesting. This is the base that you can create in that blogger and reader relationship. Use it to help drive your blog upward with the start of that first impression made from your social media pages.

 We hope these three tips to start earning from blogging help you start your blogging career. Find that passion and put the work in and no one will be able to stop you.

Eric Dalius

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