3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy High-quality Earphones

Buying earphones can be a bit of a challenge. Even if you spend hours researching and reading through hundreds of reviews and recommendations, you may still end up purchasing a pair that falls short of your standards, especially if you’re looking for a cheap earphone.

But even if you can return the earphones, this doesn’t guarantee that you can find another pair of headphones that you will like. Instead, spend a little extra money on earphones like the Shure SE846 if you want to take advantage of the following advantages that only high-quality earphones can provide.

It has excellent audio quality.

The sound quality of high-quality earphones is noticeably superior to that of lower-quality ones. You will also notice an improvement on clarity and crispness. Moreover, the sound will have less muddy bottom and softer highs.

You will experience a greater soundscape. It will be like listening to a live performance when you close your eyes. You will be able to discern the distinct sounds of the many instruments as they come together to form a harmonious piece.

However, if you are looking to save a few bucks on earphones, go for ones with more robust drivers and higher build quality. It will give you a more outstanding sound quality while still avoiding distortion. In addition, their soundstage will improve, and they will be able to reproduce sound more accurately for the users.

High-quality earphones are durable. 

Most individuals can’t leave the house without earphones because they are helpful and functional. It is why the standard earphone is prone to breaking because we carry them around with us every day. Sometimes you’ll run into issues with drivers, cables, or jacks that don’t fit properly and might eventually knot together, causing the earphone to break. It is why investing in high-quality earphones is a must because it is made of the best materials that can endure even under intense daily use.

Quality saves you money. 

Cheap headphones are cheap for a reason. Even though they don’t have the best sound, people still buy them. And to understand how quality can save you money, let’s do a little math. 

Let’s say you bought a $100 earphone that would last up 2-3 years—sounds a bit pricy? Of course. You may think that you saved money when you buy a $10 earphone. However, the drawback is that it will easily wear out. Moreover, the audio quality is trash and you’ll need to buy a new pair every few months. So that’s $10 a month multiplied by 12 months results to a total cost of $120 in a year. 

Hence, you can save $240-360 in 2-3 years if you buy that $100 earphone. So, to get the best sound and the most extended life out of your headphones, you need to spend a little extra money.

You get what you paid for at the end of the day. Cheap headphones can save you money, but their sound quality can be abysmal, and they are more likely to break down. On the other hand, high-quality earphones cost a lot more, but they’re more durable and produce better sound. In other words, you don’t have to shell out a fortune to buy a pair of earphones that sound good, but rather that high-end brands, such as Shure SE846, will always have the functions and durability that fit their price tag.

Ellen Hollington

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