3 Simple Benefits of SEO for Businesses

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a go-to practice for many businesses seeking more visibility online.

With competition out the wazoo, any attempt to stand out is worthwhile in some way. But with the world operating in such a digital capacity, SEO is currently on the pedestal. SEO can get you where you want to be: on the first page of Google’s search results.

After all, over 25% of internet users click the first result. The tenth result doesn’t fare so well: it has a measly 2.5% click-through rate. One of the many benefits of SEO is moving you up on the page—because if your site doesn’t come up right away, it’s as good as dead. 

Below, we discuss several other SEO advantages to get you motivated to use this practice.

1. SEO Improves Your Credibility 

One thing your brand needs is an authority in its niche. Every industry has an industry expert—can you be the go-to source for those looking to learn more about yours?

Content marketing is one aspect of SEO that establishes this credibility.

When you write informative (read: not sales-y) blog posts, internet users will see you as an expert. They’ll then be more inclined to buy a product or service from you.

2. It Makes Your Page More Visible

Ahh, the coveted visibility—the thing that gets you noticed online when someone makes a query.

If you run a local establishment, your name needs to appear in Google when someone searches “[product or service] near me.” When your website shows up in the top results, your page will get more traffic, resulting in higher odds of a sale.

Additionally, if you have a storefront, optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) page can get more people in your door rather than your competitor’s. 

3. SEO Contributes to a Better User Experience (UX)

User experience matters.


Because no one wants to stay on a slow-loading site with a chaotic, confusing spread. Consider your own online practices—you’d move on to a page that’s fast-loading and navigable. Rather, your webpage should be optimized for speed, as well as desktop and mobile usage.

Improved UX isn’t the first thing people think of when using SEO, but it provides that win-win that makes using SEO all the more obvious. Plus, with SEO being as affordable as it is, this sweetens the deal.

These Are a Few of the Many Benefits of SEO—Can You Name More?

This list of search engine optimization benefits is not exhaustive. As if the above advantages weren’t great enough, there are more where they came from. Few marketing practices are so excellent, garnering such wide-scale results (at an affordable price to boot).

Now that you know the many benefits of SEO, it’s time to get to work.

But before you do, we implore you to do some more research—starting with our site. Keep scrolling to see what other business-savvy advice we have to offer.