3 Signs Your Business Needs a Chatbot

Today 1.4 Billion people use chatbots worldwide. That makes up 18% of the world’s population. Surprised? 

Chatbots are live on many websites, messaging apps, emails, and even SMS. So, what is a chatbot? It’s a computer program that simulates human conversation. It can provide instant responses to simple questions and even understand the context of user input to give the expected answer. Chatbots can talk 24/7, cover unlimited chats simultaneously, and support multiple languages. 

With programming and integrations, a chatbot can not only reply but also qualify leads, suggest products, send promotions, generate pdfs, and much much more. 

Since the chatbot boom in 2016, chatbots have found their way into many industries and businesses. Still, hiring a bot to cover communication remains pricy. Chatbot development costs vary per solution but setting clear KPIs directly affects the ROI. 

Does every business need a chatbot? Consider the points below as signs for considering chat automation for your business. 

Support agents cover too many repetitive questions 

No matter how good your support pages are, lots of people still prefer asking a question instead of looking for an answer on their own. Questions like “where is my order?”, “can’t log in”, “return item” may flood into support tickets. 

Take your time to check the number of incoming tickets. 

  • Can they be answered in simple text or a single check into a CRM software
  • What is the most popular channel? If it’s a website, Instagram, or WhatsApp? A chatbot can easily pick up from any. 
  • Are you going to support this channel in a long run? 
  • What is the traffic potential? Is it going to grow?

If any of these scenarios take place, a chatbot could cover this routine so support agents can focus on more important conversations. 

Customer satisfaction is low

Support agents are still humans that get tired from repetitive questions, difficult customer chats, and finding the best product for a user. Also, hiring and training new agents when you’re traffic is growing is not so cheap. 

Think about these questions:

  • How much time does a user spend waiting for a reply? If the count comes in hours or even days, a chatbot could answer simple questions right away. 
  • What is your customer survey score for the support experience? If it’s lower than 90%, a chatbot could help your agents hit 100% by covering more personalized conversations.
  • How many languages do you have? A chatbot can answer 24/7 no matter what are your working hours. 

A chatbot can be a digital assistant to cover all incoming stuff and navigate only meaningful conversations to support agents. Automation can do wonders if the chatbot was trained accordingly. 

Users contact you via multiple platforms

The age of online urges businesses to be present everywhere: website, messaging apps, email, and phone numbers.

For your sales or support team checking Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other channels simultaneously can be another obstacle to providing an immediate response. A chatbot could connect these or cover one of the most popular channels so your agents could cover the rest. 

Take a note of these questions: 

  • How many incoming questions come from every channel? You can start with one and scale later on.
  • Do you want to automate incoming requests or outbound campaigns? It’s important for choosing the right channels for automation. 
  • How many integrations do you currently have for your marketing and support efforts? The list of these will qualify the solution for you later on. 

Getting started with a chatbot

Analyzing all of these may be tough. Apart from checking the metrics, calculating the price of a chatbot just as predicting the ROI is nearly impossible without a chatbot expert. Also, every channel – website, messaging app, email/SMS – has its own specifics and limits you should know about. 

You could check in with a chatbot development company or a chatbot platform for more information and price quotes for your chatbot. 

Automation can do wonders once done properly.