3 Reasons Your Airline Complaint Is Justified

Lost bags, airline delays, overbooked flights—flying can be a seriously stressful time. We all depend on airlines when we need to travel for business, personal, or family reasons, but what happens when the airline lets us down?

If you’ve had a bad experience with an airline, you may be entitled to compensation. There are even federal laws in most countries that state when airlines must compensate their passengers.

But how do you know if your airline complaint is justified? To learn, keep reading to find three key reasons when you should always file an airline complaint letter.

1. File an Airline Complaint If Your Luggage Was Lost

Shockingly, airlines misplace almost 25 million bags each year. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that a lost luggage complaint is something airlines see frequently.

Bags can get put on the wrong flight, the wrong bag can be picked up by baggage handlers, or your luggage can even be damaged in transit. Even though airlines use all sorts of technology to track bags, accidents can still happen.

If your bag is lost, damaged, or missing, filing customer complaints is justified and you should be entitled to compensation. This may cover replacement luggage, an allowance to buy clothes until your luggage arrives, or compensation to cover the value of lost goods.

2. Your Flight Experienced a Dramatic Schedule Change

Airline delays of an hour or two are common, but if your flight is seriously altered, such as by a day or two, this causes big problems for travelers who need to be at their destination, on time.

Most airlines will allow for compensation when flight schedules are changed, so always write an airline complaint letter if this has happened to you. However, the amount of time a flight needs to be delayed varies by airline. Browse their website or call customer service to learn more.

You might also be able to seek compensation from your travel insurance company, if you’ve purchased it for the trip.

3. You Were Discriminated Against

One of the most serious reasons for writing a complaint email to airline staff is discrimination. If airline staff have treated you unfairly based on your race, gender, nationality, or religious beliefs, this is illegal.

You’ll want to contact the airline immediately and explain what happened. You may also want to try to get the details of anyone else on the flight who witnessed the incident.

Ensure You Get Compensation for Your Airline Complaint

Flying can be stressful on its own, but once delays and problems start occurring, it only gets worse. If you’ve experienced any of the incidents mentioned above, file an airline complaint. That way, you ensure you’re compensated for your troubles and financial loss.

This way, you aren’t out of pocket due to airline negligence and hopefully it will motivate the airlines to offer better service to their passengers.

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