3 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Staring at You

Our pets do the cutest things, and since they aren’t able to speak the same language as us, they usually show how they are feeling, what they want, and how they want to be treated with either body language or eye contact. This is how our pets communicate with us, and as a responsible pet owner, you have to familiarize how you can communicate and connect with your pet the best way possible. You would not want to miss any of these signs, because you would not want your pet to feel as if they aren’t being heard or their feelings are invalidated because you did not understand what they are trying to say. 

If you are ever sitting at home and wondering why your dog may be staring at you, and what they are trying to tell you, this guide should be able to help you determine why your furry little buddy is gazing up at you. Here are three reasons why your dog may be staring at you.

A sign of respect

This is one of the best-case scenarios for when your dog is staring up at you. This is their way of telling you that they are just waiting for instruction, in a way, this is their way of telling you that they respect how you feel about how they behave. It is the dog’s way of showing you that they respect your commands and are just waiting for your next request. This is a sign of a well-trained dog. In a way, when your dog stares up at you like this, it is best to engage them or give them a task to do so that they can feel preoccupied with their time and stay productive too, it is a good way of showing them who is in charge and can deepen their respect for you even more.

“I’m hungry feed me”

Another reason why your dog would be staring up at you is when they are hungry and choose not to communicate with you through barking. The best way to handle situations like this is to train your dog to distinguish his way of telling you they are hungry, this can be done by showing them to stand at their bowls if ever they feel the need to be fed or if they feel as if they have not eaten enough for the day. This is highly recommended so that you can easily tell when your dog is hungry instead of relying solely on eye contact. If your dog is the type that stares at you when he or she is hungry, make sure to feed them right away but also teach them a different queue to show you that they are hungry so that you can distinguish what they are trying to say exactly.

Give me love and affection

Sometimes all our dogs want when they are staring at us is love and affection. They look up at us and just want to be petted or played with. In cases like this, make sure to interact with your dog, go out and play fetch or catch with your dog, try to entertain them, and avoid ignoring this look so that your dog doesn’t feel neglected or have them feel that their feelings are invalidated. By recognizing this stare, we can make sure our dogs feel all the love that they will ever need is with us.

There are countless reasons why your dog may be staring up at you, but these three are the most common reasons, and after reading this guide, we hope you can build an even stronger bond with your dog through these non-verbal queues.