3 Reasons Why Tech Companies Need a Tech Lawyer

Technology is a ballooning industry incorporating more progress than any other in the current 21st Century. To think of it, the pivotal role a technology-inspired company undertakes directly or indirectly helps millions of others in the industry secure their own endeavour. After all, it’s a tech-driven modern world that we thrive and grow in. 

Now technology could be the lifeline that sources multiple industries out there, but when it comes to legal regulations, even the best of technology-driven enterprises suffer one major issue. Every tech company needs a lifeline of their own- a lawyer specialized to handle the intricate field of technology- a ‘Tech Lawyer’ as we like to call it. Shifting from the mainstream corporate or commercial lawyers, a tech lawyer is the kind that deals in intellectual safeguarding alongside legal regulation maintenance. To break it down, a tech lawyer is the special legal backbone that every company specializing in technology should opt for. 

Tech Lawyer- The Basic Backbone for Tech-driven Enterprises 

As a owner of a brand new tech company, you may have found yourself amidst an ocean of operational responsibilities, one of the primary reasons why you opted for a corporate lawyer to help you steer the ship firmly. However, as far as startup law is concerned for tech companies, you’re soon to find out that your tech-driven enterprise requires more than just corporate legal regulations. 

Like we mentioned before, a technology lawyer is more of an attorney who specializes in areas of law that protects a person’s genius, namely, ideas and inspirations, compositions and rights, patents and trademarks, etc. Since technological innovation tends to notoriously outpace the legal regulations, a tech lawyer, at a time like this, needs to anticipate both the regulatory and legislative changes that are functional during performance of legal functions. 

Now, we come to the main question you’ve been waiting for! As a tech company owner, do I really need a tech lawyer? Let us help you out with 3 reasons why a tech lawyer could be the best thing that happened to your tech company- 

  • Bracing against Uncertainty- As a technological product or service development company, you are exposed to certain legal and regulatory uncertainty considering your new innovation. A tech lawyer employed by you at a time like this would anticipate the uncertainty even before the service or the product is launched. Anticipating technological uncertainty and protecting your best interest in the face of uncertainty makes tech lawyers a priceless addition to the core team. 
  • Expediting the sluggish judicial system- If you’ve already contributed a fair share of your time erecting a start-up of your own, by now, you must have guessed how snail-slow the entire judicial system is. To begin with, requests take forever to clear out and when they finally do, the approval on paperwork takes another segment of your time. For technology-driven companies who are looking for progress at an astronomical speed, a moment’s delay could be enough to set your tech goals back by years! This is when a tech lawyer comes to save the day. Your tech lawyer with his own tight-knit network circle knows exactly who to approach and how, leaving your legal dealings effortless and your time preserved. 
  • Keeping you up-to-date- Technology is ever-changing. Every new day, you’d encounter new updates, upgrades, and legal laws following all the modifications. A tech lawyer can not only keep your product or service in conformance to the changing laws, but can also proactively assist you in making the best of the new laws to keep the enterprise progressing despite the legal changes or technological modifications. 

If we look at it in the long-run, a tech lawyer can help a tech company manoeuvre the intricacies of legal regulations. However, just about any tech law won’t make the cut. If you’re out there looking for a tech lawyer, we suggest you keep these quick facts in mind- 

  • Compatibility- Running a startup fuelled by technology is no piece of cake. The nifty operational responsibilities are just the tip of the iceberg with the running of your startup requiring more than just financial assistance. Your tech lawyer should not only be well-versed in startup law, but also keep an open-mind about the startup work culture, the necessary documentation and more. In a nutshell, compatibility is crucial. 
  • Network- From keeping up with the latest industry trends to getting the judicial paperwork cleared and signed- your tech lawyer’s social circle must be enriched with connections that can help you navigate your enterprise better. This is probably why experts often recommend signing up for a verified company who specializes in these profiles rather than hiring ad-hoc lawyers on referrals. 

There’s a lot that goes into seeing a venture kick-started by your dedication walk the path of success. However, one of the key elements that can boost your business forward is the law by your side. We have come across multiple organizations in the past where mere legal dilemmas have forced shut the ventures all together. We don’t want you to be on the same side as these failed initiatives. If you’re currently looking forward to your tech company’s prosperous future-  we say let’s lawyer up and let the journey begin!