3 Reasons Why Online Running is Better than Running in Parks

What is online running, you ask? Simple. It is getting into the virtual world to get fit. Yes, you can enter the virtual world now and to put it even better, you’re getting in perfect shape while you’re in there.

Introducing Vingo, the app designed for online exercising. Vingo uses highly detailed images, sceneries and maps to give you an ultimate virtual experience all the while you run on your treadmill! Now, here are some cool features about the app and a few reasons why running online is better than running outside.

  1. Greater Comfort

With Indoor Running, you can work-out at the comfort of your homes. Be it on your treadmill or your exercise bike, you can jump on them any time you feel like it and work-out to your heart’s content. True, you might feel bored of watching the same view from the treadmill, but not anymore! With Vingo, you can visit some of your favourite locations in the world and explore them. Also, new maps and locations are added regularly to keep your adventurous spirit fired up.

2. Ability to Maintain the Motivation

The biggest fear for many people while working out indoors is the lack of support and motivation. That’s why most people’s treadmills lay as a dress stand in their homes. Vingo solves this problem by letting you interact with people from across the world. You can find people in the same location as you on the map, and talk with them through voice chat. You can encourage each other to push your limits. In no time at all, you both will have achieved your targets.

3. World Wide Connections, Buddies & Mentors

With Vingo, you can gain world-wide connections and it’s not about your businesses. Vingo might be an Online Running App, but it lets you socialise even better than in your Instagram or Facebook.

Think about it, if you can find people who share similar fitness goals like you, as early in the morning, whom would you trust, them or a random dude who wakes up in the middle of the day and logs into his Twitter? The Communities feature in Vingo lets you find people who are like-minded as you. You can also create new communities and invite your friends and family to join them.

Other Key Reasons Why Virtual Running is Better

One more special feature about Vingo, is the avatars. You can upload your selfie and let the app generate an avatar for yourself. This avatar is what’s going to be seen as you by the other users in the app. Make sure you look nice in the app by fitting the right gear, exercise equipment and even your pets along with the avatar. All these features make this virtual running better. 

In short, when you run indoors, it is easier to get the urgent care that is required to work on your fitness & health. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get Vingo and get fit the fun way.


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team